Imagine waking up in the morning pain free and full of energy. 

Andrew Dowler Exercise Physiology & Acupuncture  - Modern Rehab & Ancient Wisdom

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Rebuild, Repair and Restore your body with custom Exercise Programs 

Acupuncture and Qigong to balance, enhance, and invigortae your energy, or Qi 

Practice the Art and Science of Qigong and Tai Chi online with Drew

The 5 element System of Health and Longevity

Drew will help you create a Fully Integrated and customised Lifestyle Program using the 5 elemnt health system.

The EARTH program

In the 5 elemt system Eath is considered the foundation of Qi, or energy as it is related to digestion and metabolism of food to energy...

The METAL Program

Metal is particualry related to breathing the lungs, respiration, and the flow of energy through the connective tissue or Fascia.....

The WATER Program

The water element relates to the health of your nervous system, mental power, memory and internal drive or willpower....

The WOOD Program

Wood is the element of rest and recovery, and represents the Liver organ, which has major roles in cleaning, filtering blood and detoxification of the your system.

The FIRE Program

The Fire element relates to the Heart organ, so we focus primarily on Cardio vascualr health and fitness, shown to be the best predictor of Longevity.....

Complete 5 elements 

Learn how to apply the full 5 Elements system to your health and fitness to achieve the middle path of balance......

I help you Recover, Rebuild and Restore your health and fitness with customised exercise and lifestyle programs designed specifically for you. 

Andrew Dowler - Exercise Physiologist and Acupunucurist

Integrated Rehab Program and Coaching

 Assess - Prescribe - Support

Work with Drew either in studio or online on your specific rehab goal

$97 per session

Many people suffer from lower back pain simply because they have not been shown how to use their back muscle correctly, or have not completed a full rehab program.

In this program drew will customise a Rehab program for your back pain, coach

$97 per session

The way you breathe directly effects your Energy levels, Stress, and mental state. Learning how to breathe correctly gives you the power to take control of your physiology, destress and develop deep focus and concentration

$97 persion

Inflammatory joint pain is often cause more by poor diet and incorrect exercise technique. In this program we focus on rebuilding your digestive health in conjunction with building a strong robust joint with the correct exercises so that the muscles, tendons, ligaments cartilage and fascia are all working togther



Coming soon - short Qigong Course to build your practice


Is inflammation causing your joint pain?

Being in pain is not fun at all, and if you have had joint pain,particularly the type that’s been there longer than 6 weeks, it’s probably chronic. So the question is, what’s actually causing the pain and inflammation of the joint, and how do you fix it.

Does your weight effect your joints

There are two ways that being overweight can lead to joint issues, being increased mechanical stress commonly seen in Osteoarthritis, and inflammatory markers we often see in cases like Rheumatoid arthritis. In fact reducing systemic inflammation is a keystone to healthy joints, which we will cover in more detail in our 5th blog. 

Should you exercise if you have joint pain 

Last week I had a new client in studio who was concerned about her knees, she’d just come back from the doctor who told her recent MRI showed her knee was pretty much worn out, and she’d most likely need a knee replacement. The doc recommended she work with an Exercise Physiologist, but she was unsure; 


Andrew Dowler

Exercise Physiologist & Acupuncturist


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