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About MoveEp

The Art and Science of Exercise Medicine

Drew is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise Sports Science Australia and a Registered Acupuncturist with AHPRA. With dual qualification Drew passion is integrating Eastern and Western Exercise science to create a healthy balanced body


MoveEP Services

My mission is to support you to get back into shape, with physical exercise, breath-work, and learning how to craft a positive mental and emotional state for whole body health, wellnes and fitnes..

Exercise Physiology

Individual Exercise Rehab sessions in the studio


Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture in the clinic


Custom programs for health wellness and injury rehabilitation 


online consults and coaching for heatlh wellness and reahbilaiton 

Self treatment

Online Health, wellness and Rehab Programs you can do at your own pace.

Intergreated Health Coaching

Comprehensive lifestyle health wellness fitness and reahb coaching 


Health and Rehab Process - An example of Back Rehab

It takes time to recovery build health, restore function and get back into life...heres how we do it

Step 1: Assessment

First step is to assess the back injury and work out the cause of the problem, it could be - mechanical - neurological - postural - inflamtory or a combination.

Understand the location of back pain, the tissues involved (disc vs muscles), and how it happend willin form the likely time to recover. Some back issues are resolved pretty qquickly, others are more complex and take taime to unpack as it were...its a case by case appraoch.

DURATION: 1 hour - innitial consult

LOCATION: in studio or telehealth

Step 2: Get out of pain

we aim to get you out of pain as quick as possible introducing very specifc exercises that restore movement mechanics and posture.  Manual techniques including acupuncture,, Myofascial release, PNF- stretching,  and Postural / muscle activation exercises are introduced to biuld your moevemtn foundation.

DURATION: 1-6 weeks

LOCATION: Studio or Telehealth

typpically these are 1-2-1 sessions where you will have specifc exericses to practice between sessions.  Depending on the complpexity it generally takes between 3-6 session before starting hte exercise program phase.

Step 3: Exercise progam

to aoid getting on the hamster wheel of your back issue flaring up we begin a graded exercise program to biuld your strength posturea, coresstability. motorcontrol and mobilit.

It takes 6-8 weeks to biuld muscele strength 3-6 months for bone to heal, and up to 10 months to biuld ligament and tendon strength.. Your rehab program will be govourned by the tissues and structure we are working on there are no short cuts, hacks or quick fixes

DURATION: 3 - 12 months

LOCATION: studio or Online

this phase is all about getting into a structured exercise program that progreessivly biuld strength, posture, corestability, flexibility and motorcontrol which addresses your back pain specifically. The key her is to work on biulding a robust and resliiant body that can handle the demands of your daily life. A healthy a nd strong Body includes

  • STRENGTH: the ability to handle  and move your body under loads
  • MOBILITY" The ability to move your oints totheir full range ppain free
  • FLEXIBILITY: the abilty to strech our your muscles so you can move your oints through their full range
  • MOTORCONTROL: the ability of your nervous system to co-ordinate all the above
  • AEROBIC CONDITIOING: the ability of your heart and lungs to do work, both arobically (with oxygen), and Anareobically (withouot Oxygen)
  • STATE: is the quality of your mental and emotional state.. esential for health aand pperforamance..
  • BREATH: the breath is the KEY to regualte your nervous system and is the link betwen the braina nd the body

Step 4: Health and fitness Coaching

By this stage we aim to have resolved, or are managing your inital back inury or condition. At this point we if you wish to keep working with me to continue to biuld your health and fintess we then transition to intergrated health and fintess.. This is really the fun stuff, where we can get you fit to run a marathon, deadlift your body weight, go rucking in Nepal, or focus on being strong, fit,  centered and Focus.. 

In the Chinese medcine we call it YANG SHEN, or cultivating life health and fitness which has 4 key components

1. Physical exercise and fitness

2. Nutrition

3. Mental and emotional balance 

4. Living life with purppose and direction

Here we biuld a complete lifetsyle pprogram that looks at where you want to be in the next 11, 5, 10 and 20 years and start the daily work

DURATION: 12 month program

LOCATION: Studio or Online


Programs to help your

Back Pain

A program specifaclly desigend for tricky back problems where we restore the 6 movements of the spine, and 8 functional movement patterns of the body. We Biuld correct breathing and posture, and layer in progressivly more challengining exercise to develop a robust and resiliant spine and bback

Energy Levels

Chronic fatigue and poor energy is draining. The key to restoring your energy levels lies in optimizing your mitochondria,  the bioelctrical circutry of your body, and balancing your Ph levels which has vital roles in energy ppproduction..

In this program you use breathing, gentle movement, nutrition, and tuning into your biological clock to kickstart your daily circadian rythum

Stress and PTS

Stress, anxiety burnout and PTS are at their core psycho - neuro - hormonal dis- regualtion. Or the Mind - Body and Breath are not working in sync due to chronic stress, acute trauma, or both. In this program Drew teaches you how to regulate your nervous system with Breathing, Mediation, and Physical exercise


Body - Mind - Breath


Physical fitness and exercise is the gateway to exploring the mind and breath as its the most accessible. The goal should be to have a healthy,, robust and resilient body that meets the physical demands of your day to day activity. 

Our body is the vessel in which we navigate the world,,, if our body is unhealthy, it is hard to enjoy life, and do the things we love, therefore we must look after it, and develop the capacity to work int he world.

Body training is very individualistic, but there are some base levels which i beleive everyone should work toward, including

  1. Aerobic fitness 30 minutes a day
  2. strength and mobility - move your body under some laod to full range of motion with control
  3. learn how to breath correctly
  4. Learn how to realx and recover

In my coaching and programs I help my cleints learn how to do the above that suits their body and needs


There are three parts of the brain, the reptilian instinctual (brain stem), the mammalian emotional (limbic) and the more evolved executive, thinking brain (prefrontal cortex).. When all three aspects of the brain are communicating with each other our state (thoughts and emotions) tend to be balanced.

The way to balance your state is to practice the mental martial arts of mediation to develop the mster skills of

  1. concentration and focus
  2. attention and intention
  3. meta cognition
  4. mindfulness and compassion

recent meta analysis of literally hundreds of studies on mediation shows that  developing the above 4 skills leads to healthier brain, decreased stress response, and increase concentration and focus.

I teach my clients how to focus,, quite down the chitter chatter in their mind, and develop awareness of thoughts and the actions generated by those thoughts.


Learning correct breathing has 3 very important benefits to our physiology, psychology and mechanics

  1. Learning how to breath gives us  a direct link to our nervous system, allowing us to access the autonomic nervous system, or the fight or flight response. You can learn to control your stress response
  2. We also learn how to balance our Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels in the lungs, blood, and cells, which increase oxygenation and energy production in the cells.. In essence you build more energy, which enables you to either work harder - longer, or recover faster
  3. Learning the correct breathing techniques optimse the mechanics of the diaphragm, your most important movement muscle in the body which controls respiration, gait (walking -running) and core / spinal stabilization. when you learn how to use your diaphragm all of sudden your core muscles start to work, and your lower back feels amazing

Lastly breath-work is the link, the glue between the physical movement and your mental emotional state. I teach my client show to breath to breath correctly so they can control their stress response, increase energy and recovery, and move correctly.


MoveEP Pricing

30 min sesion


Private 1-2-1 session
Exercise Physiology or Acuppuncture
Access to Exercises via physiApp
Medicare /  health fund rebates
by appointment only

60 min session


Private 1-2-1 session
Exercise Physiology or Acupuncture
Access to Exercises via physiApp
Medicare /  health fund rebates
by appointment only


$440 p/m

Customized lifestyle coaching

detailed Exercise program

Nutrition coaching

Weekly coaching sessions
Online or studio

Performance and accountability


Private health - Medicare / Work cover


Drew is fully acreddited exericse Physiologist and Acupuncturist,, simply check with your provider to see what you are abble to claim

SELF FUNDING: the majority of the cleints i work with are self funding,, this means they pay for session, programs and coaching themselve.

You do not need a referal to come see me however i may ask you see your doctor for further investigation (like MRIs or XRAY) or a clearnace to begin an exercise program if there is an existin health issue that could be made worse by exercise (pretty rare actually, most health probblems beenfit immensly with exercise done correctly)

Pay for your sesions

Drew is both Medicare and Work-cover (SIRA for NSW) accredited for Exercise Physiology which requires a referral from your doctor.

There is a process which needs to be followed closely to ensure your work cover claim runs smoothly. Generally once your doctor recommends exercise Physiology we will do an initial assessment together. I then submit a report and recommendation to your Work-cover Case Manager who then either approves, or declines the request.

As a rule Work-cover only funds 8 Exercise Physiology sessions at a time, so we have regular reviews to check in with your progress and provide ongoing reports to your case manager and doctor so that everyone is working together.

Medicare currently offer five Allied health sessiosn per year which need a docotors referal. 

Medicare and Workcover
funded services


Contact Drew


0419 874 682


By Appointment only
Malua Bay Studio
42 Wattlebird Way
Malua Bay, NSW, 2536

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