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Exercise Physiologist and Acupuncturist Andrew Dowler

The 4 steps to rebuilding your body

Lets assess where you are at right now and plan on how to get where you want to go. I want to know what brought you here and how I can help you best. I'll ask you a lot of questions and we look at how you move and dig down into your roadblocks that's been holding you back

I will design an intelligent program for you that you can do at home, or in your gym. Each person has an individulised program design to meet their unique needs. This may include functional strength training, yoga, pilates, kettelbells, core conditioning, rehab exercises, breathing drills and whatever else will get the job done for you

I will teach you how to do each exercise correctly so that you have the confidence and ability to practice. Each exercise has detailed videos for you to follow along with that works on any mobile device

We will schedule regular sessions to keep you focused, accountable, and moving forward. For those time when you a quick question you will be able to ask me questions via the Phystrack App, so you can reach out at any time and I'll get back to you within 24 hours

What is Exercise Medicine

Exercise is one of the best natural medicines that we have, our bodies thrive when we do the right type of exercise, with good nutrition, quality sleep, and the right mindset

Exercise has been proven to help with musco skeletal conditions (hips, knees, backs), metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity), mental health (anxiety, depression) and Longevity (staying healthier as you get older) 

As an Exercise Physiologist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I love to combine modern health sciences with Eastern health traditions. 

My forte is helping folks build their healthy lifestyle by teaching them the skills, habits, exercises, and strategies that work for them.

I specialize in helping folks rebuild their body, with an integrated health and rehab model that incorporates Physical Therapy, Rehab exercises, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and functional strength training. 

No one client gets the same program, everyone has a customized, individualized program intelligently designed where we take the time to ensure you can do the exercises correctly and safely to build your confidence to develop your own practice

How too rebuild my body

Learn More.

Rebuilding your body starts with a comprehensive consultation where we take the time to figure out what's going, where we need to start, where you like to go and how we do that together

Whats possible

with the right program

Do you feel lost, or stuck on how to rebuild your body, what if we could work out the right program that suits your body, that you could do at home, or in your gym

The 5 Pillars of Health, fitness, and Longevity






Online Consult

Work with Drew online

I'm excited to now offer online consults which enables us to stay connected and work together where ever you are. Using state of the art Apps like Physitrack I will coach you 1-2-1 over a secure internet connection. If you can watch netflicks at home we can do online coaching together.

To book an online session email on

Studio Consult

Work with Drew in person

I'm located in Batemans Bay NSW, a lovely coastal town on the South Central Coast. If you live close by or want to make the trip up to see me Id love to see you and how I can help. The best way to schedule a session is via my email

The 5 Pillars of Health, fitness, and Longevity






Meet Drew

"Im here to help"

Hello, thanks for stopping by, I started my Exercise Medicine journey when i managed to break both my legs when I was in the Australian Army at age 18. Medically discharged with no clues how to fix my busted up body, feeling lost, with no purpose I took a wrong turn in life and went to Art school, and did all those things young artists do...and wound up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

After some time a got sick and tired of feeling like crap, with doctors having no clue how to help I resolved to dig myself out of this hole. I attended a tai chi class as I heard it was good for energy. 8 years later I emerged with a degree in Human Movement, a post Grad in Exercise Rehab, and a Masters in Chinese Medicine, feeling happier, healthier and fitter than I was when in the Army.

It's been my mission since to help others find their own path back to wellness using an integrated approach of Eastern and western health systems