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1 exercise…9 reasons why it gets your butt…to kick But!

Why I Love This Glute Drill / Exercise…The Single Leg Hip Hinge with KB
Im a strong believer of there are no “bad” exercises, rather just exercises done poorly, or at the wrong time, or in the wrong way!
Having sadi that, there are certain exercises that just seem to kick ass…and the Single Leg Hip Hinge / Dealift is one of them.
Its one of those rare moves that deliver a lot of benefit, for minimal effort….heres wha I love about The Single Leg Hip Hinge
1. It reinforces the hip – Abdominal Connection. You cant pull this move off without being able to link in the Abbs and Glutes
2.  It teaches folks how to load a leg in an unstable postion which promotes a heap of neural feedback. This feedback allows folks to make the brain – muscle connection
3.  It trains Hip extension, which is geek speak for turning on your But and Hammies
4.  If you you earn to use your Butt and Hammies, it just makes so many other movements better
5.  Its fun…the challenge in not falling over is kinda fun…who said stuff has to be hard and sweaty all the time
6. It trains you how to pick up stuff off the floor safey. Learning this move is a stepping stone to learning how to lift heavy stuff of the ground without destroying your bak….this is a good thing.
7.  Its mentally challenging….this really makes you dial in and concentrate which helps the nueral patterning. Movement is all about the nervous system..if we train that….then movement get a lot better fast.
8.  It requires a lot of work to get right….so when you get it, you’ve earnt it….in the era when everyone gets a medal for turning up, it nice to actualy have to work for your rewards. Whats the reward…hows a lower back and hip that works sound
9. Its a pre cursor move to some even more gnarly and fun exercises…such as the single leg hip extension with bent ingle arm row.
Yep, fair to say I’m a fan, If you’d like to give this a crack feel free to come along to the move studio where e can get you started on some great functional training that helps your ass…kick ass
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