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20 things that make an awesome Personal Trainer!

20 things that make an awesome Personal Trainer!






Recently one of my fitness students asked me what I think makes an awesome Personal Trainer… i sat down and came up with this.

1. They live the life. A great personal trainer dosnet need to advertise themselves because when people look at them they can see a healthy and energetic person who is happy doing what they love.

2. Foremeost, they train….it really dosent matter what exactly they are training in, as long as they are. Not only are they training, but they are loving it. Talk the talk!

3. They are qualified! Getting folks fit and healthy is a privillage and a responsiblity. In fitness there is potential to cause harm if people do not understand what they are doing, being qualed provides a firm base of knowledge and allows the client to be confident in their trainer.

4. The trainer meets you with a warm greeting, and rememnbers your name. Good trainers understand that the personal interaction can be as important than the actual training. A smile cost you nothing, but earns you evrything!

5. A great PT always assess, prescribes, evaluates amd adjusts your sessions based on your performance in relation to the goals. Without some form of assessment, you are just guessing!

6. They can count! The most infuriating aspect from a cleints perspective is the “rep coutner”….whi just dails in each session counting off reps, or they forget how many reps you have done! Thats just lazy. Great PTs know exactly how many reps their cleints are on…..right!

7. They have an open mind. Awesome PTs know that they dont know everything and are willing to work with other exercise professionals so they can get the best results for the cleint.

8. Awesome PTs repect the commitment of clients and value their time. If a client is willing to pay their hard earnt dollars to make a health and fitness change the awesome PT understand that is an investment in the clients future health and well being.

9. Hungry to learn. Kick ass PTs are always eager to learn more. They love training with other folks, talking shop on the gym floor, going to seminars and workshops. If they can make themselves a bit more awesome, then that will filter to their clients.

10. Awesome PsT know how to individualise sessions so that each one is unique for that cleint. Its not always about smashing your client….Having DOMs for half week isnt cool all the time!

11. Be awesome at being organised! Personal Training is a customer service job….if you go to a cafe where the coffee is crap, the staff rude, and it takes forever to be served you probably wont go back!

12. An awesome PT works hard at being a great coach, developing the skills needed to istruct amd teach complex movement in ways that makes sense to those initimate with Gray Anatomy (the textbook…not the show)

13. PTs who do well show a genuine interest in their clients life. They remeber the little things, like if they prefer coffee to chai, love Game of Thrones, and think that Lorna Jane is a genius, even though she dislikes the hype around her overpriced kit! Remember the little things.

14. Kickass PTs regularly get their ass kicked by other great trainers. Yep, even your PT probably has a trainer, coach or wingman/woman they train with!

15.  Awesome pTs educate their clients so that they can train themselves! Not only do they lead them to the water (annalogy time), they show them how to drink, and how to analysis if that particular water is worth drinking. Theres lots of different wells to sip from!

16. Awesome PTs dont take themselves too seriously, but are serious about what they do!

17. A great PT understands that to survive doing what they love to do not only do they need to be awesome at all things exercise and instruction, they also need to run a business. Successful PTs have worked out how to make their passion a business without sellling out to the capitalist gods of money worshiping! The day it becomes all about how much money a client is worth is the day they need to do something else!

18. Successful PTs work hard… may not seem like it from the outside, but there is a lot of work that goes into running a succssful business. Long days in the gym, hours spent being mentored or mentoring other exercise professionals, and preperation to deliver kickass sessions! You need to be passionate do survive in this industry!

19. Awesome PTs often have  many man/woman behind the scenes how supports them in what they do…..the silent many! The PT roadies who help with meal prep, do admin, or even just manage a facebook page…..rarely is it an army of one!

20. Awesome PTs always seem to be happy….i wonder why that is?


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