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Correcting Post Bub Back Pain

How To Get Post Bud Fit, and correct back pain.

Guys, meet Kat.

She’s an excellent example of how to train post Pregnancy

Like many women Kat was experiencing a lot of lower back/ SIJ post baby.

Together with her physio we have been working on getting her back to the things she loves to do

Last weekend she was up in Mount Beauty mountain biking with her partner…pain free

Fair to say she’s doing an awesome job

So how did we do it?

-This video is 8 months post Bub….we didn’t rush…we made a plan together
-The video is part of her 4th functional hip program we designed together
– each program was based on Kats functional assessment…so it the right exercises for her body
– Kat did her exercises with regular check ins with me to make the minor adjustment that create the massive change
– We worked with her physio regularly
– We had fun

I’m a big believer of an individualised approach to exercise

I also think it should be fun, and be functional

And if you happen to go mountain biking for a weekend pain free…makes me happy 🙂image

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