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This Weeks Random Classes, Kettlebells and Core

Hi folks for this week’s random classes I will be running a Kettlebell Session, and a Core level 1 session.

Core Level 1 session
Day Thursday 12 th
Time: 12.30
Intensity: on the chill’d side of things,,.,, you may leave feeling totally relaxed and a bit taller
How Long: 50 mins
Do I need to book: that would be nice…drop me a message to let me know you are coming along
Skill Level: if you can get on the floor, you can do it, great for beginners

KettleBell Session
Day: Friday 13th
Time: 8.45 am
Intensity: You will get sweaty and lift heavy stuff….there will be a 5-minute swing challenge
How Long: 50 mins
How many spots: Only space for 6 people for this one
Skill Level: If you know what a Turkish Get Up is you are good to go 🙂
Cost: $20

Plese feel to reach out with any questions. As always with the random sessions, the vibe is going to be rather relaxed, you may laugh, and there’s a high chance of coffee post-session


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