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7 Reasons To Get Up

The Turkish Get is a mainstay in Kettlebell training, here’s 7 reasons wht you should it include it in your practice.

Movement Check In – Turkish Get Up

If you want a single exercise that ticks a lot of boxes the the Turkish Get Up is definitely one to check out

– mobilty 

– stability

– flexibility 

– strength

– control

The Turkish Get up in action

During a Turkish Get Up you will do these movements….all with a KB (im using a 24kg bk here)

– side lying roll into supine

– chest press to arm bar

– oblique sit up into sit pisition

– shoulder and elbow extension

– hip bridge

– single leg bridge

– kneeling windmill

– shoulder press/ arm bar

– lunge to stand

Then you do all that in reverse

Then you do all that on the other side

Pretty cool right

Now the Get Up can be used in lots of different ways

#1 as a warm up

Use the get up as a warm up drill with body weight or a light kb. It will prepare all your joints, core, breathing and mindset

#2 concentration drill

When you are working on a complex movement, or using a pretty heavy weight it really focuses the mind, anchors you in the now, and charges your concentration. If you have ever trued a get up with a heavy weight theres a bit of an ohh shit factor, because if it goes pair shaped it will end badly…so no room for fluffin’ around

#3 shoulder stability and Rotator Cuff / joint control

The TGU is brilliant at developing shoulder stability and control in two positions, overhead, and under body

The supporting arm is essentially in load bearing full extension

The overhead arm us in full load bearing extension

As you progress through the get up both shoulders are required to dynamically stabilise through all planes if motion, sagital, frontal and transverse making it brilliant to challenge and develop the rotator cuff and gleno-humeral stabilty /ROM

#4 core stability 

From the time you begin to the end your core is lit up like a christmas tree….all aspects of the core muscles are on point

From rolling, oblique sit up, anti rotation, spinal stabilisation and respiratory function. If your core is weak, youll find out pretty quickly 

Particularly challenging is the oblique sit up from the bottom position and the kneeling windmill, which both require strength and control rol to execute. Additionally they are both triplanar Movement so the neurological component is pretty key.

# 5 integrated Functional Strength

To be able to start on the ground to a standing position with a heavy load held over head requires strength through the while kinetic chain

There is no isolated movement here

The body must work as an integrated unit, all the moving parts working to achieve a movement.

#6 its Daily living training

whats more Functional than practicing how to get up iff the floor. Every week i work with clients who have difficulty getting down, and or up off the floor. Its an ability filks take for granted, but since the event ion if the seated toilet we hardly squat or get close to the ground. If you dont train it, move it or work it, mist likely means you wont be very good at it.

Practice standing up and lying down….it is a fundamental human Movement everyone should be able to do

#7 its kinda fun

Not all training has to be serious, and the Turkish Get Up is a great way of making training fun. Just like you were a kid on the play ground, learn to explore your bodies movement with a playful curiosity 

The Turkish Get Up is a great exercise, with lots of ways to approach biulding it into your daily practice

For any tips or help biulding your  get up make sure to send me a message