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Im kinda like the Sherlock Holmes of movement

Today had me in the studio working with a wide range of clients.

Each person has a unique goal they are working toward, For some they are recovering from serious accidents, others are looking to optimise their performance.

Im a self proclaimed Exercise Physiology geek I love to really understand whats happening, how to fix whats wrong, and improve on whats already there.

Im kinda like the Sherlock Holmes of movement….heres some examples of me Solving surprising   problems for my clients.


1.My Back Bloody Hurts

Ok, back pain is pretty darn common, but the cause of back pain are many and varied, trying to figure out what the actual problem is can be really tricky. Sure we can get scans, but they dont often tell us the full picture. So I needed to put on my detective cap and figure out what the issue was. In this case, a sprained lower back muscle, the quadratus lumborum was the culprit. The benefit here was that we were able to figure what was causing the issue (accident in training) and have created a plan to fix the problem, both in the body, and at training. The win here is two fold. Firstly we can get stuck into treating the back issues with some Myofascial Release, stretching, and corrective exercises. Secondly we can address the movement issue that may have caused the back injury in training, in this case a weak core and upper body strength not being able to handle the move attempt.

2. Getting Fit To return to Work

After a serious illness the body decondition pretty darn quick. For those eager to get pack into pay check land getting work fit is a big deal, especially if your job is physical. Today my work for client said he felt ready to get back into it after a long stint out of action. After 3 months of pretty intense work conditioing, including functional training with myself, pilates, and home exercise program we can start rolling up our sleeves to relly get work fit. The cool thing here is the confidence returning, knwing that yes you can get back into work, and that you are employable. Its a massive change in mindset, and make me proud to see this particular client claw back from what could have been a career ending injury if not treated correctly.


3. I Can Run Again:

After having a pretty rough time with her first pregnancy, including a Ceasar which left a pretty darn big diastus (abdominal separation), this young mother  felt like she’d never get back into running or being fit again, heck after discharging from hospital she could barely walk 20 metres without horrible back and hip pain. This was especially disappointing for her as she had enjoyed being fit and active pre bub, and not being able to get back into it was kinda a big downer. However  determination combined with the right exercise program over an 18 months period has seen her first 6 km run, done, pain free. What i love about this case is it shows the power of working together, creating a plan, and implementing each stage with regular reviews to ensure everything is on track. Theres a 12km fun run coming up soon……cant wait to see her time.


4. I dont Have those Darn Headaches Anymore: Sometimes headaches are caused from an old shoulder injury that wasn’t fixed properly, the muscles get really tight to protect the shoulder, and as they also effect the neck soon headaches can pop up. In this particular  case they were coming on everyday, panadol and the like didn’t dent them, and massage didn’t seem to help. Having a constant headache isn’t much fun and this lady was pretty frustrated as you can imagine. Today in studio she told told me she had a headache yesterday for the first time in weeks, and she was able to get rid of it with some simple stretching and myofascial release exercises i had taught her, not bad after 18 months of daily headaches. So how did we get rid of her headaches, simple, we trained her shoulder muscles to work properly so her neck could work as its meant to0.

5. I can Get Myself onto the Toilet: Sometime its the little things, and for this gentleman, his win today was telling me how much more confident he feels getting onto the dunny. After a nasty car accident Lindsay was pretty banged up, so many of the exercise we have been working on include simple day to day activities like getting onto the dunny, taking shower, and simply walking….its often the simple things that we take for granted that can become the biggest wins.


6. I can shear Better: A shearer who averages 150 -200 sheep a day, which is pretty decent effort Im told by my Dad who grew up in shearing sheds. Today for this particular client who is a professional sherer we worked out that the position of shearing was placing the Left Latts in a poor position, essentially making them really tight. We went through a couple of stretches and after a week the pain he was getting in his left shoulder has almost gone in his arm. Hes pretty stoked about that, hes even started functional Kettle bell training with me to work on his overall back strength and posture as we reckons its pretty important to look after you back having seen so many shears have to quit the job due to back pain. Its also handy that he can bang out better fleeces now aswell…..i suspect because he can use that left shoulder bette

7. I Can Do Body PUMP Again: Injury is the worst to fitness folks who love group fitness, some folks drink coffee, wine and spirits, but for a true group fitness enthusiast being  in a class is all the drug they need. So when this go getter accidentally tore a hip muscle she was devastated that she had to stop her classes. It took us a while to rehab the hip injury, but to her credit she was extremely diligent with her rehab exercises and did everything that I asked of her. Last week she was back in Body Pump, and apart from some gnarly DOMS which is expected she pulled up great. The hardest part I’m told wasn’t the actual injury, but having to take a break, for someone who was exercising a lot, this can be pretty hard. So one way we got around this was to work on framing the actual long term goal, and how taking a break in the short term would make her group fitness classes so much better. So we did, and it is.

8.I can Knit Again:

Last year this grandmother and zumba lover tore a rotator cuff muscle in the gym doing her favorite class, just one of those unfortunate accidents. The injury was a pretty nasty one, causing a lot of shoulder pain which stopped this 65 year go getter from doing her knitting. Well not on my watch! So we got stuck into some solid shoulder rehab, really working on regain full shoulder movement, got heaps of massage and allowing the tendon to heal itself. Now she has been enjoying her knitting immensely whilst watching the Aussies do their thing at the Rio Olympics. Although she loves her Zumba, what her real passion was is kitting, so being able to sit in her comfy char, with a pot of tea and knit while watching her favourite TV show with no shoulder pain is pretty cool.


Do you need a Movement Sherlock Holmes?

I love trying to figure how to fix folks movement problems, from the gym, to the shearing shed, or just relaxing in front of the telly knitting, all movement is importnat, so if I can help you make it better, Im up for the challenge.


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