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Andrew Dowler

Andrew Dowler,  an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA). Currently Andrew runs a private rehab consultancy, where you can find him in the gym prescribing corrective exercise programs for a whole range of injuries and health conditions. He combines a sound knowledge in functional anatomy and exercise prescription together with, clinical pilates, gait/posture education to develop individualism rehab programs.


Andrew in nepal

Andrew has lectured for University of Ballarat, Australian Catholic University in anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription and rehabilitation.

You may also find him in the class room lecturing on all things health and fitness for YMCA Victoria and Training Sense

He also teaches RPM, Pilates. and is  GRIT strength Captain (High Intensity Interval Training) and enjoys high performance training.




In 1998 Andrew Managed to develop bilateral stress fractures in his Tibias whilst in Training for the Australian Army. Determined not to allow something like broken bones to get i the way of exercise he decided to go to university to learn how to fix himself. During this time Andrew discovered a love of fitness and eastern Martial arts, particularly Kungfu, Tai chi, and Jujitsi. However a severe back injury (not caused by training) resulted in a semi retirement from contact sports whilst recovering. Acupuncture and pilates were important aspects of regaining full function, and after eight years of study  Andrew emerged with a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge in Exercise Rehabilitation and Chinese Acupuncture.

Studying Pilates and martial arts has given Andrew a deep understanding of how the body moves, and with his university studies he is able to use scientific principles of exercise in conjunction with traditional training techniques to provide individualized movement therapy. Before going into private practice with Move Ep, Andrew worked within Ballarat Health Service Hospital Outpatient ward as a clinical Exercise physiologist for 8 years, a period spent working within a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapist, Occupational Therpaist, Psychologists, podiatrists, Speech pathologists, dietitians and rehab specialists.


Here is a some of the stuff he has done.

– Owner of MoveEP, private rehabilitation consultancy

– Senior clinician at Ballarat Health Services exercise Therapy Department, working in a multidisciplinary team to deliver evidence based exercise rehabilitation programs for musco skeletal, neurological and metabolic conditions.

– Lecture at University of Ballarat,  School of Sports Sciences and Australia Catholic University (ACU)

– Presenter for YMCA Victoria  and Training Sense in their cert III/IV/Diploma of fitness.

– RPM and Pilates Instructor

– All round exercise, health and fitness Geek

Oh..i have a few letters after my name aswell, heres the list

Cert III Fitness

Cert IV fitness

Cert IV training and Assessment

Cert IV in Matt Work Pilates

Bachelor Applied Science: Human Movement

Post Graduate Diploma of Exercise Rehabilitation

Masters of Applied Science:Acupuncture


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Andrew at Mount Everest Base Camp in 2012.