Move Exercise Physiology

The Art and Science

of Human Movement

Andrew Dowler: Exercise Physiologist and Acupuncturist

Imagine a world where you wake up feeling energised, pain free and ready to take on the day

I help people Recover, Rebuild and Restore their health and fitness with customised exercise and lifestyle programs designed specifically for you.

Being an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist and AHPRA registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner I offer a unique approach of integrated Eastern and Western Movement Medicine, incorperating Modern exercise Science with the Traditional wisdom of Eastern Movement Arts

My journey began 20 years ago when i recovered from Chronic fatigue syndrome by practicing Qigong under a Tai Chi and TCM master. During this period I suffered a debilitating back injury where I was able to use Clinical Pilates and Acupuncture to fully recover. I know first hand the power of movement, good nutrition and harnessing your internal energy, or Qi as the Chinese would say.

Imagine a world in which you wake up in the morning feeling energised, pain free and ready to get after the day with a smile

For appointments or inquiries please call or email me

Mobile: 0419874682


Imagine a world in which you wake up in the morning feeling energised, pain free and ready to get after the day with a smile

Assess and Plan

Lets assess where you are at right now and plan on how to get where you want to go. I want to know what brought you here and how I can help you best. I'll ask you a lot of questions and we look at how you move and dig down into your roadblocks that's been holding you back

Intelligent design

I will design an intelligent program for you that you can do at home, or in your gym. Each person has an individulised program design to meet their unique needs. This may include functional strength training, yoga, pilates, kettelbells, core conditioning, rehab exercises, breathing drills and whatever else will get the job done for you

Coaching and Instruction

I will teach you how to do each exercise correctly so that you have the confidence and ability to practice. Each exercise has detailed videos for you to follow along with that works on any mobile device

Progress and Review

We will schedule regular sessions to keep you focused, consistent, and moving forward. For your exercise program to work we need to allow the appropriate amount of time, making progress and review sessions a vital part of your program

Getting started

Four ways you can work with me

I Live in Batemans bay NSW, a beautiful coastal town in southern New South Wales, Australia. I'm loving working in studio, and in the online space where I literally get to work with folks all around the world and help with get Better, Fitter, and Healthier


I have a private, secluded studio in Batemans Bay ideal for those who want to work with me in person. 

Imagine visiting my studio, being taught how to move well, working on resolving any rehab issues, maybe an acupuncture treatment, and then finish with some tai chi, Qigong or Yoga on the beech.

Online - Telehealth

Online removes geography as a barrier to work with me, where you can literally be anywhere in the world that has internet and we can work together.

Currently, I am working with clients in all states of Australia plus internationally. No longer is location a barrier to working on your health

Distance Coaching

Distance coaching is a blend of studio sessions in person with me, and online coaching.

Come to see me at my Batemans Bay studio for an assessment, treatment, rehab or training session. 

I then coach you online for 12 weeks, with weekly check-ins. Its a great way of accessing my hands-on skills as well as online coaching expertise

Teaching and Consulting

I'm passionate about teaching health professionals how about the Art and Science of Movement Medicine, and am currently developing professional development content i this space

I am also available for private consulting, where I can spend a full day with you or your organization delving deeply into the Movement Medicine Principles, 

What is Exercise Medicine

Exercise is one of the best natural medicines that we have, our bodies thrive when we do the right type of exercise, with good nutrition, quality sleep, and the right mindset

Exercise has been proven to help with musco skeletal conditions (hips, knees, backs), metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity), mental health (anxiety, depression) and Longevity (staying healthier as you get older) 

As an Exercise Physiologist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I love to combine modern health sciences with Eastern health traditions. 

My forte is helping folks build their healthy lifestyle by teaching them the skills, habits, exercises, and strategies that work for them.

I specialize in helping folks rebuild their body, with an integrated health and rehab model that incorporates Physical Therapy, Rehab exercises, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and functional strength training. 

No one client gets the same program, everyone has a customized, individualized program intelligently designed where we take the time to ensure you can do the exercises correctly and safely to build your confidence to develop your own practice

A guide to online coaching work flow

3 month distance Coaching

Online Initial Consult

First Telehealth session, meet and greet, history, goals, evaluation  movement assessment and exercise coaching

Day 1

Exercise Phase

You will start your exercise program at home using Physitrack to access your program

week 1 -4

Weekly check ins

We check in each week via Phystrack App or email

2nd Online session

Each month we catch up for a telehealth session to review your progress,  make any changes, and keep you moving forward.

week 5

Exercise Phase 2

we continue to progress your program, by know you are getting into the groove of the coaching and training flow.

week 5 -8

3rd Online session

Our 3rd online catch up via Telehealth. We review where you are at, and what the next month of training will focus on

week 9

Exercise Phase 3

Stay on it, keep your momentum and consistency as the hard work you've put in starts to show

week 9-12

4th Online session - Reassessment

Our last session is where we check in, and erases all your hard work and see you awesome progress

week 12

Slow down

Do it again

slow is smooth, smooth is fast

A different Approach

My guiding principles to Movement Medcince

Recently I reflected on 20 years of practice and what i feel are important principle in movement medicine. I do things differently, I dont subscribe to a specific ystem or style of exercise, but rather use what works best for my cleint, guided by the principle of Human Movement, Sports Science and Chinese Medcine

Train Movement first

Our bodies have fundamental movement archetypes or patterns

Instead of training muscles, lets train movement first. Muscles work in teams to produce rather complex movement patterns, if we get the patterns right we can resolve 1000 problems.

Fundamental movement patterns include Respiration/breathing, squats, lunges, hinges, pushup, pull-up, dip, press, and gait

The spine has 6 fundamental patterns which integrate to produce all movement, being flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation, anti-rotation and neutral (stiff spine)

Treat the Root

What's the REAL cause of the problem

Often the bit that hurts is not where the actual cause of the pain is. For example, many knee conditions are caused by poor hip and lower back mechanics.

Instead of treating the symptom, let address what's causing the pain in the first place. this approach is often a little slower, bad provides lasting results which can often fully resolve an issue

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Practice, Perseverance, and Position

The exercise medicine approach is not a race to the finish, but rather a way of building up progressive improvement, bit by bit.

We take it slow, work each exercise with good technique, so its smooth. Because we take out time to do it right we save time in the long run by avoiding injury, poor habits, and wasted time with sloppy reps

The 4 Ms

Mindset, Motivation, Movement, and Mood

Mindest - pay attention to the stories you tell yourself, your body reacts to how you perceive your body

Motivation - is about creating positive daily habits that allow you to build the skills techniques, tactics and systems that allow you to get it done. willpower is a finite resource, a plan, program and system is a smarter approach

Movement - your body craves daily movement, make sure you feed it wisely

Mood - How you feel is effect by your Food, Exercise, Relationships, Work and Stress...its not just about exercise

Stay on the Path

Life training requires you to stay on the path

I believe what we are really doing is training for life, taking every day as an opportunity to learn, teach and grow.

To do this we need to stay on the path, the road that leads to health, fitness, and longevity

It's all the habits, actions and decisions we take that move us forward. should you stray off the path that's ok, what's important is making sure you get back on

Balance is Dynamic

Homeostasis is yin and yang in action

Consider the natural cycles of nature, day-night cycles, 4 seasons, ect, there's a natural rhythm to life, a dynamic balance, ebb, and flow.

The body is in a constant state of ebb and flow, and homeostasis is when all the flows are in balance.

Exercise can be viewed the same way if one thing is overactive, done to excess, or not enough, this can cause dysfunction.

Keystone Habits

The cause and effect of exercise

Exercise is often the gateway to healthy living, and I find there are often keystone habits that if built, trickle down to other aspects of life

exercise is one

When someone starts exercising often they become more organized, eat better, build better relationships and are happier

There are certainly movement practices that also have keystone effects, like learning how to breathe correctly, getting stronger in a deadlift, or getting sweaty with interval training.

I help take the guesswork out of what to focus on

Wolfs Law

"the body adapts to the forces we place upon it"

Wolfs Law is a principle in anatomy and physiology which tells us that whatever it is we do, the body adapts to it, for good or bad

When they first sent astronaunt up to space they were suprised to find out that they were comeing back with weak bones. No gravity in space reduces the forces on the body, so the bone got weak really fast.

I believe we need to be mindful of all the forces and stressors that we place on our bodies, from exercise, how we sit, posture, sleeping, and life stressors. They all impact our bodies. This also means that if we train in poor positions, with bad technique, and overdo it our bodies will respond poorly

I help you place the RIGHT type and amount of forces into your body so you adapt positively

Lifelong student

To grow we must learn

I believe in being a lifelong student, learning, teaching and growing. This not only helps me to be a better person it helps me to be a better Movement teacher.

Every year I study with Movement professionals who are world class so I get an opportunity to learn, new skills and pass this knowledge onto my clients

 I love the process of studying, learning,, teaching and growing

I am a student and teacher of movement and will work with anyone willing to practice, learn and grow

Meet Drew

"Im here to help"

Hello, thanks for stopping by, I started my Exercise Medicine journey when i managed to break both my legs when I was in the Australian Army at age 18. Medically discharged with no clues how to fix my busted up body, feeling lost, with no purpose I took a wrong turn in life and went to Art school, and did all those things young artists do...and wound up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

After some time a got sick and tired of feeling like crap, with doctors having no clue how to help I resolved to dig myself out of this hole. I attended a tai chi class as I heard it was good for energy. 8 years later I emerged with a degree in Human Movement, a post Grad in Exercise Rehab, and a Masters in Chinese Medicine, feeling happier, healthier and fitter than I was when in the Army.

It's been my mission since to help others find their own path back to wellness using an integrated approach of Eastern and western health systems

Inhale - Exhale

just breathe

the most important movement practice

What type of Movement Medicine do you need

Movement medicine is Rehabilitation, work on a specific injury, get out of pain, restore energy, or rebiuld your posture from the inside out

Joint Fix

Move and Groove your joints

Your joints are where bones connect to other bones, like your knees, shoulders hips, and spine

Joints are designed to move, sliding and gliding across each other which allows the bones to move.

Common joint issues I help people with include

  • Arthritis - wear and tear of the joints
  • Joint surgery prehab and rehab
  • meniscus tears
  • Joint stiffness, aches, and pains
  • Joint inflammation

Core Restore

The muscles that allow movement to happen

 I view the body as having 5 "Cores", or centers of movement, they include

  • The diaphragm - respiration breathing and Abdominals - the muscle that connects your upper body to the lower body
  • Pelvis - the stabilize that move your pelvis and femur, including the pelvic floor
  • intrinsic foot muscle - the ones that control ankle and knee position
  • scapula - the 17 muscles that move your shoulder blade
  • Head and Neck - the muscle that keeps your head in the right spot


Back Rehab

Back pain sucs, but there is something you can do about it

Back pain can be tricky, what exercises can you do, what shouldn't you do. What we do know is that exercise is very important in restoring a healthy back.

Back rehab requires a detailed assessment and movement history to formulate the best plan of attack to restore your back to normal function.

Ill help you though a step by step process on how to get our of pan, understand your back, and what exercises to do to regain your stregth and flexibiity

Recovery Yoga

Integrated Yoga practice in your rehab program

Do you like the idea of using Yoga as the basis of your Rehab program?

Yoga has a history dating back 1000s of years and the 8 limb yoga path in itself is a comprehensive robust  approach to overall health and wellbeing

Yoga has distinct practices for the physical body (asana), the breath (pranayama) and the mind (Dhyana) 

Recovery Tai Chi

The slow-moving mediation to rebuild, recover and restore

Tai Chi is practiced by millions of peple worldwide for its ability to create energy, promote relaxation, and gradually build a healthy and robust body

I have been studying tai chi for over 20 years, and love to teach my clients the depth of what tai chi can bring to your life

Qi Rehab

Qi is energy, learn how to recharge your internal battery

The energy of Life is called Qi, nd without it we can do nothing. Learning to replenish, recover and store you Qi is what Qigong practice is all about. 

Deeply embedded in Chinese medical Theory the path to recovering your energy requires a holistic approach to breath, nutrition, and the mind.

I've had one student describe it as the Kung fu for the mind

Posture Overhaul

How you sit, stand, walk, move and groove

Posture is the sum of how your body moves in its environment, both statically, and dynamically.

Postural programs look at the entire body, and how everything works together. 

There isn't really anything as bad posture, just what shapes your body makes, and whether they cause you pain or discomfort. So if you have "bad" posture you'll probably know about it because you'll be in pain, and often other therapies give you some relief, but never fixes the problem

A postural program is the LONG TERM approach to fixing or resolving niggling, persisting injuries that just won't seem to go away

Computer slouch

Everyone is on their device, and no one is looking up

Computers, laptops, ipads, tablet, and mobile phone all tend to put folks into a slocch position.

In the rehab world we call this Kyphotic with aforward head carriage, createing a flexed, internally rotated and protracted shoulder position

This pretty much creates a whole range of postural raelted issues inculding

  • headaches
  • stress and tension
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • upper back pain
  • lower back pain
  • thorasic ooutlet syndrome
  • rotator cuff impingement sysdromes
  • tennis elbow
  • golfers elbow
  • Carpal tunnel 

Yep. correcting ht common computer slouch could in fact save you months /years of pain, hundreds of dollars on ineffective treatments and male you more productive cause you, not in pain

Niggling Injuries

Got a niggling injury that just won't seem to go away

Injuries that fail to respond to tradition treatment may be missing an important link. Sometimes the issue is not actually where the pain is, perhaps its something you do during the day that setting up your pain, or maybe you are just doing the wrong exercises.

Its my job to put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and investigate what's causing you pain, and how to get out of it

Another aspect returns to normal function, perhaps your pain is resolved but you just can't bring it anymore, you feel stiffer, or weaker and can't do what you used to be able to do, even though nothing hurts. In this case, your body may have adopted a dysfunctional movement pattern

East meets West

Exercise Science Yoga and Kettlebells

Its fair to say that I love to exercise, I think it is one of the greatest gifts of life, and when I can share that with folks it gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

As a student of Movement and Exercise and seek out amazing mentors and teachers to learn from, and in turn, pass on the knowledge to my students and cleints.

My method involves the integration of Exercise Science, Fitness, and nutrition with the wisdom and teaching of traditional movement systems including Yoga, martial arts and Tai Chi.

My personal practice includes morning Yoga or Tai Chi, Functional Strength Training with Kettlebells, and I have just started exploring the world of gymnastics Strength Training.

To me its about crafting a personal practice, what works for your body, and I help people find that



At your Pace

In your space

How we use technology to empower change

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Hey, if you you have made it down this far I just wanted to say hi, and cheers for checking out my website. If you have any questions at all plese feel free to contact me.

Mobile: 0419 874 682  Email:  Facebook: MoveEp