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Airport Hacking

Airport hacking

last weekend I flew up to Sydney to do a workshop….and I noticed a lot of people sitting about looking rather glum….I gues travel can do that. But it got me thinking, here are all these folks about to spent hours sitting on a plane doing a whole lot of nothing. So why not use the time at the airport terminal to get a little bit of exercise and get some good foods into the belly.

Some simple tips to avoid feeling blahh at the airport

I get it…travel can be yuk…it’s tiring, folks smell and there’s always one ass hat who walks right across you!

Here’s some airport friendly tips

1. Smile at the airport staff…they have a tough gig, a smile will make their day and they can make your time smooth
2. Use the stairs….lets face it, if you are flying, you will be sitting for a long time…so make use of your ‘hurry up and wait time’ to stretch your legs
3. Eat light…maybe grab something on the healthier side, salad, smoothie ect. Modern airports have a lot of crap to offer food wise…but there are plenty of good options.
4. Note….if you happen to choose to down a huge smoothie that contains dates and coconut water be prepared to spend some time in the planes dunny.
5. Explore the airport….I love to wander around, from one Gate to the other…easily clocking up a couple thousand steps. And if I got my back pack or luggage that’s a bit of a workout

6. Find a quite corner and stretch. Inevitably if you travel with me you will at some point find me in Mountain Pose or rocking out a PNF hip release. Ideally I work on the muscles which often get tight from confined long term sitting…such as my hip flexors, Calfs, pecs, biceps, SCM, lower back

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