The way Of Health and Longevity

"Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power." Lao Tzu

The Path

Your path is a journey, one that you can walk alone, and carve out your own trail, or one in which you can follow in the footsteps of others, to be inspired, guided and coached along.

The path is really about how you integrated your health and wellbeing into your daily life. We only get one body, and it is the vessel in which we explore this world, the Path, your Path is all about creating daily practices that bit by bit get you fitter, stronger, healthier and more energetic.

After studying traditional health and movement systems, and modern health sciences over the last 20 years, i have observed there are core principles that all these systems have in common.

from the eastern traditions of Yoga, Tai chi, Martial Arts, or the Western /European systems of calisthetics, gymnastics, Pilates Kettlebell Training,  and functional strength training.

Principle 1: Get on the path

The first principle seems the most obvious but is often the hardest for many people. simply put, STAT NOW, and once you do, DONT STOP! The path to living a long and healthy life is to start working on it as soon as you can, and whenevr you stop, for whatever reaso make sure you get back into it as soon as you can.

Principle 2: Physical training is the gateway 

All of the above systems start with a physical practice, that is because it is tangible, with instantaneous feedback, you can either do it, or you cant. For many starting its accessible, as we all can feel and see our bodies. The physical training develops the mind-body connection. Once a student understands that what they think and how they think directly affects how they move and feel, then the gateway to integrated training is opened.

Principle 3:  Develop a breathing practice

Breathe practice is the gateway to mediation, but they are two different things. When we focus on breathing we are regulating our nervous system, employing correct anatomical mechanical breathing to draw in Oxygen into the system and facilitate a nerorugalutory response. Or it chills us out, and energizes us. Learning how to breahte correctly is an essential skillto longveity and health.

Principle 4: Eat Right

No matter how hard you train, if your diet is not balanced then illness and disease will follow in some form. Food is the fuel of our bodies, it is also how we communicate to cells their hormones and the gut biome. If our nutrition fails to support our inherent needs to sustain energy and repair cells then the system gradually degrades. Someone on the path pays close attention to what they eat.

Principle 5: Find a coach, teacher, Instructor or mentor

Do not try to build the bridge as you are navigating the'; eventually get across, but the journey will be fraught with hazards. Instead employ a coach, teacher, or Jedi master to help guide, instruct and coach you on the right path. Seek out teachers who are better than you, be humble and learn from them. Don't forget to pay it forward, help others in your own way toward the path.

Principle 6: Find your Ikagai

What your reason to keep up out of bed each morning, what your mission, or as the Japanese put it whats your Ikagi, that intrinsic thing that motivates you day in, day out to do what you do. The author Simon Sinek speaks about finding you why, if you don't have a purpose in life then it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. Those who live long and healthy lives understand they're why

Principle 7: Use what works

Brce Lee was famous for his unique approach to training, we did not stick to traditional martial arts of Chinese kungfu, in fact, he was for being ti teach outside of the tradition systems, let alone teach westerners. What Bruce Lee understood was that in the modern world, with information so readily available he no longer needed to rely on old knowledge passed down from teacher to teacher. So he embraced a growth mindset, and he used whatever training method worked best. To walk the path requires an open mind, to allow your cup to be filled and emptied repeatedly so you can learn new things, and avoid dogmatic thinking.

If you are struggling to be healthy, have an injury that just wont go away, feel lost or depressed about you life and want help to get back into the right path then please feel free to contact me to see how i can help you with your journey.