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The 7 keystones to joint health: # 1 posture, alignment, technique

Does the way you move, your posture affect your joints? The first keystone habit of healthy joints is movement quality, your posture, alignment and technique. There is a principle in exercise physiology called Wolf’s Law…cool name eh, which states “The body will adapt to the forces applied to it” This means that the way we […]

The 7 keystones to healthy joints #7: How joint health coaching can help you

The 7 Keystones to Healthy Joints In this blog series I want to share with you my thoughts on how to address joint pain effectively based on my 20 years of clinical experience helping folks move better, reduce their pain, and live an active and healthy lifestyle. I acknowledge I have a bit of a […]

The 7 keystones to healthy joints #6: Does eating clean help your joint pain

Hell yes eating a good diet is vitally important to healthy joints, and here is why, Your body is in a continual state of cellular upkeep, cleaning up the cell bits and pieces that are broken, used, or no longer needed (waste product), and replacing them with clean, happy cells ready to get to work. […]

The 7 keystones to healthy joints #5: Is inflammation causing your joint pain

Being in pain is not fun at all, and if you have had joint pain,particularly the type that’s been there longer than 6 weeks, it’s probably chronic. So the question is, what’s actually causing the pain and inflammation of the joint, and how do you fix it. To better understand pain in relation to your […]

The 7 keystones to healthy joints #4: How does sleep effect your joints?

Sleep is where your joint heal, if your sleep is poor, the micro damage that’s done through the day doesn’t get a chance to be completed, gradual deterioration of the your tissues health can be linked to poor sleep. In simple terms your body has two switches that hoover on in the background, always working […]

The 7 keystones to healthy joints" #3 does your weight effect your joints

So the simple answer is yes, your weight will affect the health of your joints. There are two ways that being overweight can lead to joint issues, being increased mechanical stress commonly seen in Osteoarthritis, and inflammatory markers we often see in cases like Rheumatoid arthritis. In fact reducing systemic inflammation is a keystone to […]

7 Reasons To Get Up

The Turkish Get is a mainstay in Kettlebell training, here’s 7 reasons wht you should it include it in your practice. Movement Check In – Turkish Get Up If you want a single exercise that ticks a lot of boxes the the Turkish Get Up is definitely one to check out – mobilty  – stability […]

Two essential skills to practice in Yoga, Attention and Intention

For some Yoga is about getting a nice stretch and sweat, for others its a path to connect to something deeper. Each student has a unique path to follow, and beginning to craft a practice is often harder than it seems. For me Yoga and Tai Chi was how I recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome […]


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