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Blazin’ BODYSTEP..How to Use Your Fitbit to track Cardio

The School of Fit: Blazin’ BODYSTEP

Ever wonder why they call it Cardio?

Well I went along to one of Liz’s is BODYSTEP classes to see what happens during the classic Cardio workout….BODYSTEP


BODYSTEP is the modern version of aerobics, a group fitness class with a focus on building aerobic fitness. All you need is a willingness to embrace the music, enjoy the intensity of exercise and go at the pace that’s right for you

Using my FitBit Blaze I recorded my real time heart rate response…this is what happened

From the graph you can see I spent the majority of the class in my ‘cardio’ zone. The Cardio zone is between 70-84% of my max hear rate. This means im working, but not so hard you need to stop….just enough to keep going :)….tough, but doable!











I spent 27 minutes in the fat burn zone…so below 50-70% of my MaxHR. It’s the fat burn zone because at that intensity the majority of fuel being used is fats….but here’s the trick…you really only use fats as long ad carbohydrates are not easily accessible. So if you had a a large orange juice before class you’ll have heaps of sugars in the blood steam, you probably won’t tap into those fat stores too much as glucose is preferentially used







Liz and I have our tickets to BODYSTEP…its time to get our Cardio on

Now Liz and I love to up the intensity, and in BODYSTEP there are new athletic tracks which allow you to go a bit harder…so those peak times are where we are really going for it…for me the physical challenge is just awesome. At these peaks of 85% + you are training your anaerobic energy system…meaning you will really ramp up your metabolism. Getting fitter, go harder, going bigger = results…you’ll really notice the change

So in this classic Cardio class of 60 minutes there was opportunity to real go after it on top of the predominant cardio base.

It was fun, I got to to see my gal smack out an awesome BODYSTEP Class….and there may have been a chase’ or two in there 🙂



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