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The Core of MoveEP

Hi, I’m Drew and welcome to Move EP, and I’d love to share with you why I do what I do.

As an Exercise Physiologist and Acupuncturist, I have a pretty unique outlook on Exercise, Health Nutrition and the power of the mind. I believe fully functioning human being needs a balance between 5 core elements to perform at your peak and enjoy an active and healthy Life. The 5 Cores include Strength, Cardio, Movement, Nutrition, and the Mind

When the 5 cores are in alignment then Longevity will occur,  this is what I call playing the long game.

What is longevity?

Well to me it’s about being fully functional, in your mind, body, and spirit, so when we get live to 120 we have a body that works, an active mind, and the spirit to enjoy it. To me that’s what its all about

“I believe an exercise is a form of medicine that everyone can do, it’s my mission to connect each person to a Movement practice that nourishes, supports, and enhances their lifestyle.

I believe a movement practice is essential to living a long and healthy life, giving you the freedom to enjoy the things you love to do. Be it at work, on the sporting field, or at home.

To achieve this We use proven systems of exercise, nutrition, and mental development, to create a well-rounded, balanced program that gets you where you want to go.

We tailor our programs to your specific goals and needs and coach you in how to get results and keep them.

We don’t have a dogmatic approach to anything, we use what works, simple as that, and we only use principle based systems.

Principle based systems are programs that are created around governing ideas, concepts, and rules, that apply across all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The Principle of Metabolic tissue growth tells us that certain structures in the body, muscle, ligaments, tendons, all have unique metabolic rates and physiology, so our exercise programs take these into consideration. There are no quick fixes, short cuts, or super secret techniques accessible to a select few inner circle.

The programs we teach and the systems we use are available to everyone who is willing and able to commit to the process

The approach I take is not for everyone, and that’s ok, but if you are willing to put in the time, and effort, and consider yourself a student of the human experience then I’d love to hear from to see how I can help you

How Do We Coach

We coach you in the Move studios, in,

  • one – one session, where you get to work with Drew individually
  • small private groups, where you work on your own program, in a small group, with Drew coaching you
  • classes, groups up to 12 people, Core level 1, level 2, Kettlebells, GRIT (High-Intensity Intervals Training)
  • and in our online coaching programs.
    • MOVE EAT LIVE – online nutrition and health coaching
    • Move online – follow along Programs you can do at home

Getting started

We love to give everyone the chance to come in and have a chat about what you like to do and why. From there we can start to develop a plan that suits your specific needs. If you have an established medical condition that’s ok, I specialize in working with people who have existing injuries, illness or chronic conditions and will work closely with your health professionals who are on your team.









Andrew Dowler – Exercise Physiologist and Acupuncturist

Want to find out how we can help you, call us on 0419 874 682,

We love questions, email Drew on

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This Weeks Random Classes, Kettlebells and Core

Hi folks for this week’s random classes I will be running a Kettlebell Session, and a Core level 1 session.

Core Level 1 session
Day Thursday 12 th
Time: 12.30
Intensity: on the chill’d side of things,,.,, you may leave feeling totally relaxed and a bit taller
How Long: 50 mins
Do I need to book: that would be nice…drop me a message to let me know you are coming along
Skill Level: if you can get on the floor, you can do it, great for beginners

KettleBell Session
Day: Friday 13th
Time: 8.45 am
Intensity: You will get sweaty and lift heavy stuff….there will be a 5-minute swing challenge
How Long: 50 mins
How many spots: Only space for 6 people for this one
Skill Level: If you know what a Turkish Get Up is you are good to go 🙂
Cost: $20

Plese feel to reach out with any questions. As always with the random sessions, the vibe is going to be rather relaxed, you may laugh, and there’s a high chance of coffee post-session


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Hi guys, over January I’ll be doing some “random” classes. One-off classes I’ll run as I’ll be enjoying a cruiser January
So if you are about on Wednesday the 4th, and like to pop into the studio for some “core” goodness you are most welcome
This’ll be along similar formats to pilates, but I’ll be trying out some new moves, stretches and mobility exercises which you don’t usually find in pilates
Translation, I’m going “Drew” Style
Atmosphere: Chilled
Intensity: As easy or as hard as you want to make it
Duration: Around 45 minutes, or until the coffee cravings kick in
Locations: Move Studios
Time: 4pm
Date: 4th Jan
Cost: $15
Cheers Amigos
See you then
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Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom and Power – Where do they really come from?

Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom and Power – Where do they really come from?
I love this quote from the Tao…its one I always come back to and reflect on.
In today’s modern world folks are too busy trying to control things they have little control of, and fail to see the importance of self-mastery first.
They try to control other people
They try to control the world, jobs, politics
They try to control their family and friends
Realize, the only real control you have is over yourself
Having studied Traditional Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts a and Movement practices, including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Jujitsu, Yoga and Zen Bhudist Mediation for over 20 years I feel I have a little appreciation of the journey toward true understanding of myself
I understand I still have a long way to go
One thing all these practices have in common is that they all take perseverance, dedication, practice and a willingness to put your ego aside.
It’s the journey that important
It’s the practice that gets you toward the top of the mountain
It’s working with great teacher
Being humble and open
A journey purely based on the aesthetics, the ripped body, for example, is what I call an Empty goal. Meaning that on its own won’t really bring you happiness that’s meaningful, there will be some transient happiness but it will fade quickly. It can be very useful as a stage in your growth and development, but should never be the only goal.
Should your journey happen to get you a rocking body, that will be with you through your practice and journey, almost as just a side effect of your practice then that’s pretty cool. But with or without the aesthetic goal, your practice continues. You may be able to rock that body when you are 25..but will you really care about having a 6 pack when you are 85?
I have seen an increase in the energetic, or Qi movement arts, which is really cool to see. When I started training in Tai Chi 20 years ago, its was very hard to find other people who even knew what it was, but know, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and meditation are becoming common practice, it’s fantastic to see.
Beware the teacher that done a weekend course and is all of a sudden the “Master”, “Guru”, “Expert” “Sifu”, I call bullshit on this, and it’s an inherent problem in western cultures of folks not willing to put in the study and work to really earn their title, or have the skill and expertise to teach and coach these incredibly deep and complex movement arts. The weekend certification is an empty Qualification, be it in any movement system, pilates yoga, kettlebells, weight lifting, Personal training, Qi Gong, whatever!
For those wishing to start to explore this aspect of the human condition the number one key thing to do is to search out a good teacher of whom you have a strong connection with. There are many branches of the tree, and the roots go down deep, explore until you find your own path, in this way, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, and where you are going
From this intelligence of the self, you build strength
As your strength increases, you gain deeper understanding, wisdom
With your depth of wisdom, you can express your true power
To truly understand yourself, to attain self Mastery require a dedicated practice
This practice should include
– Movement – train the physical body
– Mental control – Train your mental capacity and intelligence
– Breathe work – develop postures, balance, and control qi and hormone regulation
– Qi or energy work
– Nutrition – Avoid toxic, pro-inflammatory food, eat stuff that makes you better
– and something that nourishes your spirit, be it religion, spiritual practice, being in nature, or just enjoying the magnificence of this universe..acknowledgment of it not all about you!
“Always Forward”
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Check Your Movement Health at the Ballarat Health and Wellness Expo

Want To Test Your Movement Health and get a Specific Program for You

Come Say to Liz and me at this Sunday’s Ballarat Health and Wellness Expo

We will be offering Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for $20 (usually $65)

The Functional Movement Screen allows us to take a look at your key Movement patterns












  • How’s your squat…can you sit into it with good depth and alignment and maintain thoracic mobility….good to know if you want to lift heavy stuff
  • How’s your hip stability….can you take a controlled single leg step without falling over
  • What’s your lunge look like….did that knee surgery you had 3 years ago really get rehab properly?
  • How’s that hamstring tightness going….is it really you hamstring, or is there another reason why you can’t touch your toes…
  • Having trouble getting dressed in the morning, that damn shoulder keeps grabbing….let us take a look at your shoulder mobility pattern and find out what’s happening
  • Can’t do a push-up….is it weak upper body muscles, a tight joint capsule, poor scapula stability, or is there something else happening. The push-up test will help us find out
  • Everyone thinks their core is on point, but I haven’t come across anytime who can nail the FMS anti-rotational core test first try yet….maybe you can, would love to see it

That’s exactly what Steve did 

He wanted to get fit and avoid any injuries. As a Dad with two young kids and a job that doesn’t allow him to get to a gum regular he wanted a program he could do anywhere, with minimal equipment, and would take into consideration some old footy injuries 

So we did an FMS which highlighted specific areas we need to work on

I then created a program based specifically on Steves results. A program aimed at his goals, designed for his body .

We spent some time going through the program, making some technique tweaks, and getting Steve comfortable with the exercises so he could get after it at home.

To keep the momentum going we agreed to a 6-week training cycle, so there’ll be a review with the FMS, and a new program to keep the fitness moving forward. This also allows us to make adjustments to each exercise.

To help him along I created a personal webpage for Steve, with all his exercises on the page with a video of each exercise, with little tips n tricks to get the most out of them. Steve has access to his webpage anytime he likes which is really cool as flexibility was important for Steve

looking forward to seeing Steves progress over the next 6 weeks.


Come Say to Liz and me at this Sunday’s Ballarat Health and Wellness Expo

Remember We will be offering Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for $20 (usually $65)

Just pop by our stall and we will happily get you started.



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Core Training – How to Find and Train Neutral Spine

Core Training – How to Find and Train Neutral Spine
Often when I’m working with folks one of the first things I teach, and one of the hardest things to get early on is finding “Neutral Spine”
It’s a little tricky because everyone has a slightly different spinal column shape, some folks have a larger lordosis (lower back curve), others may be more rounded in their upper back, Kyphotic
Finding “neutral” can be pretty challenging for people, especially if they haven’t really done it before. It takes practice, awareness and being shown how to find it.
Another reason folks find it tricky is due to the large variation of “core” exercises, and different approaches and methods. A quick look into the internet fitness jungle will rapidly confuse your brain and body.
There’s the pilates approach
The yoga system
Gymnastic versions
The Gray Cook FMS way od doing it
The Stu McGill method
Postural Restoration Institute like it a certain way
Of course, there is the wild west of gym/PT based versions
Ohh…and don’t forget uncle Freddy’s bulletproof core neutral version
everyone has an opinion, a method, system, and approach right!
Thing is, most of them are valid when applied at the right time, in the right context, with the right progressions ects
So at some point, we just need to start
So I like to start at the beginning, crazy right
And for the majority of folks, the beginning is learning how to find neutral spine. But why neutral?
Neutral spine is functional and safe
It’s where we organize the vertebral column correctly to allow all the muscles, nerves and blood supply to work.
It is the foundation of the most movement.
But we definitely need to learn how to get out of neutral, mainly because as humans we get about on two legs, you may know it as walking.
Walking requires a complex integration of the entire spinal column as it rotates around the joints to create torque movements
The rotation of walking is essential,
But before we learn to rotate, we need a sound base
This is why I like to start with neutral spine setting, it allows us to create a foundation to build upon.
The goal, however, will be to produce a spinal column that can essentially do four things
1. Stabilize in neutral – think heavy deadlift
2. Flex and extend – think to bend forward to pick up your child off the floor, and then straighten up
3. Laterally flex – Think to lean over to your side to give your partner a cuddle on the couch
4. Rotate -Think pretty much every functional movement pattern we do. walking, running, rolling over in bed, walking up stairs, riding a bike.
The end goal of any good “core” program should be to facilitate awesome spinal column movement in the four key areas mention above
it all starts with learning how to find spinal neutral
Then you need how to learn how to breathe….but that a post for another time
n the meantime here s a little video i put together to give you guys a bit of an idea on how to get into “Neutral Spine”, and how we connect the core to movement, particularly through your arms and legs.
If you have any questions please reach out.
Or come along to class and have a go at finding your spine neutral