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Create a Back That Works – Core Fundamentals Workshop

Create a back that works with our Core Fundamentals Workshop 25th March 2017,  12 -3 pm

Do you have a Dodgy Back?

Are you finding it hard to get out of pain?

You’ve heard that strengthening your core is great for back pain, but not sure where to start?

Our workshop Create a Back that Works Core Fundamentals may be just what you need.

Join Exercise Physiologist Andrew Dowler, and Functional Strength Coach Liz Fulop as they teach you the Fundamentals of Core Training.

Many people have a dodgy back,

Heck,  there was a time Drew was barely able to walk from chronic Lower back pain.

In 2002 Drew had a nasty fall onto his back, it shifted his pelvis severely creating Sacro Iliac Joint (SIJ) Dysfunction. The SIJ is the primary weight-bearing joint of the spine, and the pain is just horrible.

Being very active, studying martial arts, and working as a Personal Trainer the Pain almost ended his Movement career

Frustrated with little success with manual therapies, Drew decided to try some Core exercises

Within 3 months the majority of the SIJ pain had resolved completely

Since then Drew has been teaching other how to treat their back pain with exercise

And it all starts with the Fundamentals of Core training.

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Heres an example of one of your Core Tutorial Videos

We know that having a functional Core is integral in creating a strong and healthy back.

We see core training in Exercise Systems like Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Dance, and Calisthenics

There is a reason why all these systems have a focus on Core training

A healthy core

  • Creates a healthy spine and back
  • Allows correct breathing
  • Facilitates natural movement patterns
  • Decreases pain form mechanical dysfunction
  • Allows the nervous system to operate optimally
  • Enhances posture
  • Decreases stress
  • Supports everyday activity and exercise
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Doesn’t require expensive gym memberships or equipment you never wind up using

Functional Strength Coach Liz Knows what it’s like to recover from a nasty injury.

Recently she found out that she had 3 stress fractures in her foot, bummer right

A big part of her rehab was doing core exercises

Why, because the core controls how her foot works

As a Cx Works, GRIT Strength, and Rpm Instructor Liz understand first-hand the value of a strong core. And she’s also really really good at teaching folks how to use theirs

The Details

When: Saturday march 25th 12 – 3 pm

Cost: $99

Bookings: email drew – to reserve your spot, or call 0419 874 682

Where: at the studio, The Grianery Building, suite 8, 34a Doveton Street

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The Workshop Schedule

  1. Introduction to posture and anatomy of the core
  2. How to breathe correctly
  3. Postural positions used in core training
  4. Active Joints and mobility for you back, shoulder, neck, and hips
  5. Introduction to core strengthening exercises
  6. Discussion, exploration, and self-practice

At the end of the workshop will get access to Tutorial Videos of all the Drills and Exercises to practice at home.

As an added bonus you will get a 1 month free trial to Move Online, where we have Core Classes available for you to watch and practice at home.


Who’s it for: Anyone wanting to create a healthy back

Do I need any experience: Nope, this is for absolute beginners

How hard will it be: you can go at you own level and pace

Do  I need a referral from my doctor: If you have a disc injury, acute back injury, or unsure we advise you to chat with your treating health professional. You are also welcome to call Drew to discuss if the workshop is suitable for you. we have found that unless pain is stopping you from getting up off the floor you should be fine.

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