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How do I know when my knee is good?”

How do I know when my knee is good?”

Hi there, Drew here,

Welcome to my series on how to create Super Healthy Joints, today we are focusing on the Knees and the very cool exercise the Hack Squat

Super Joints: Knees – The Hack Squat Body weight

Yesterday I had a conversation with a client about how to ‘fix’ her knee pain. Specifically she asked

‘How do I know when my knee is good’

I explained that knee is a very simple joint…it only really bend and straightens

But it’s really complex as the knee bend is really controlled by the hips and ankle

A quick and simple way to check all three is to try a hack Squat

So what the heck is a hack Squat?

Well it where you Squat down with a straight back

You rise up on the balls if your feet

And allow your knees to fold out to the side

If done correctly you will get
1. Full Hip Flexion
2. Full Knee Flexion – Extension
3. Full ankle Dorsiflexion

Essential, it tells us you have really good Range Of Motion and control across the hip/knee/ankle

This is good

Pain is bad

It means something not right

Restriction, or simply not being able to Squat into the hack position simply means the knees not quite right…and there’s work to be done. Here’s where you chat with your rehab guy or gal

How many should I do
– start at 1
– build up too 10
– then build up to 3×10
– at this point your knees are feeling great 🙂

How often should I do it
– week 1 do 10 a day
– week 2 do 15 a day
– week 3 do 20 a day
– week 4 do 25 a day
– week 5 do 30 a day

Why so slow?

Well this is more a joint exercise as opposed to a muscle exercise

Joints get stronger and more flexible SLOWLY….there’s no rushing

So let’s make Haste Slowly

A little bit each day, done over a long time always provides the best result fir joint health

Have a play

If you have any questions please drop me a line