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Check Your Movement Health at the Ballarat Health and Wellness Expo

Want To Test Your Movement Health and get a Specific Program for You

Come Say to Liz and me at this Sunday’s Ballarat Health and Wellness Expo

We will be offering Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for $20 (usually $65)

The Functional Movement Screen allows us to take a look at your key Movement patterns












  • How’s your squat…can you sit into it with good depth and alignment and maintain thoracic mobility….good to know if you want to lift heavy stuff
  • How’s your hip stability….can you take a controlled single leg step without falling over
  • What’s your lunge look like….did that knee surgery you had 3 years ago really get rehab properly?
  • How’s that hamstring tightness going….is it really you hamstring, or is there another reason why you can’t touch your toes…
  • Having trouble getting dressed in the morning, that damn shoulder keeps grabbing….let us take a look at your shoulder mobility pattern and find out what’s happening
  • Can’t do a push-up….is it weak upper body muscles, a tight joint capsule, poor scapula stability, or is there something else happening. The push-up test will help us find out
  • Everyone thinks their core is on point, but I haven’t come across anytime who can nail the FMS anti-rotational core test first try yet….maybe you can, would love to see it

That’s exactly what Steve did 

He wanted to get fit and avoid any injuries. As a Dad with two young kids and a job that doesn’t allow him to get to a gum regular he wanted a program he could do anywhere, with minimal equipment, and would take into consideration some old footy injuries 

So we did an FMS which highlighted specific areas we need to work on

I then created a program based specifically on Steves results. A program aimed at his goals, designed for his body .

We spent some time going through the program, making some technique tweaks, and getting Steve comfortable with the exercises so he could get after it at home.

To keep the momentum going we agreed to a 6-week training cycle, so there’ll be a review with the FMS, and a new program to keep the fitness moving forward. This also allows us to make adjustments to each exercise.

To help him along I created a personal webpage for Steve, with all his exercises on the page with a video of each exercise, with little tips n tricks to get the most out of them. Steve has access to his webpage anytime he likes which is really cool as flexibility was important for Steve

looking forward to seeing Steves progress over the next 6 weeks.


Come Say to Liz and me at this Sunday’s Ballarat Health and Wellness Expo

Remember We will be offering Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for $20 (usually $65)

Just pop by our stall and we will happily get you started.



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