Move EP courses are aimed at providing practical and relevant training to keep your skills up to date whilst allowing you to earn CECs that promote your skills as an exercise professional.

Move EP courses are accredited by Fitness Australia and reflect the most current trends in health and fitness that are supported by current scientific literature.

Postural Analysis and Exercise prescription for Low Risk Clients. (PAEP LrC)

This course is delivered by Andrew Dowler, an accredited Exercise Physiologist (EP) with Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA). Andrew specialises in postural assessments, education and exercise prescription. The course is delivered during a one day workshop; covering functional anatomy, assessment skills and exercise prescription. An emphasis is placed on the understanding of functional anatomy and exercises whilst also covering the referral pathway for clients requiring further interventions.



Course Cost: $300

Delivery Mode: 1 day workshop

Course Date:Fairfield , YMCA VICTORIA, Friday 5th of October



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Motivation Techniques in Fitness   “Coming Soon”

In this course we outline key aspects to developing and maintaining motivation in your clients. Increasing motivation improves compliance and develops sustainable and lasting results. The course has been compiled by Tania Herbert, a clinical psychologist with over 12 years experience. Tania blends her professional experience with current scientific literature to provide key aspects that generate and sustain motivation. This is a self-paced learning course available through electronic download.



Advanced Exercise Prescription Series (AEPS)

The AEP series is aimed at increasing your understanding of exercise prescription allowing you to deliver specific and functional exercise programs that are individualised to your client.

Advanced Exercise Prescription: functional Movement Patterns

Learn the key movement patterns of the human body and how they apply to exercise. This is the foundation of sport specific training and the precursor to sport specific AEP




Advanced Exercise Prescription: Sport Specific

Learn how to break down any sport into its key fitness components and movement patterns and then translate it to a functional exercise program.




Advanced Exercise Prescription: Metabolic

Develop a greater understanding of human physiology and how we can use that knowledge to develop exercise programs that stimulate the metabolism to either generate muscle growth and/or increase calorie expenditure (weight loss)