Advanced Exercise Prescription

Advanced Exercise Prescription Series (AEP)

The AEP series is aimed at increasing your understanding of exercise prescription, allowing you to deliver specific and functional exercise programs that are individualised to your client.


Advanced Exercise Prescription: Functional Movement Patterns

Learn the key movement patterns of the human body and how they apply to exercise. This is the foundation of sport specific training and the precursor to sport specific AEP


Advanced Exercise Prescription: Sport Specific

Learn how to break down any sport into its key fitness components and movement patterns and then translate it to a functional exercise program.


Advanced Exercise Prescription: Metabolic

Develop a greater understanding of human physiology and how we can use that knowledge to develop exercise programs that stimulate the metabolism to either generate muscle growth and/or increase calorie expenditure (weight loss)

Advanced Exercise Prescription: Metabolic

Understand human physiology and how we can use that knowledge to stimulate metabolism to either generate muscle growth and, or calorie expenditure (weight loss)