Move Workshops: Why Diets Dont Work

Why Diets Don’t Work….What Does?….FREE WORKSHOP Saturday 3rd of September 11 am

Move Better Studios presents this Free Precision Nutrition Workshop On: Why Diets Don’t work!

Both Liz and I are passionate about making lasting and meaningful health changes for our clients. Honestly we are often dismayed and annoyed at the stories of our clients tell us of how they were sold horrible diets plans, horrendous exercise programs and given health/nutrition advice that’s just plain wrong

It really pisses us off! And I bet you too

We are on a mission to help people cut through all the crap and get down to what actually works. That’s why we love Precision Nutrition….an evidenced based coaching program that uses cutting edge technology and science to give you the tools to succeed in whats actually important

Diets are fundamentally flawed on multiple levels….in this workshop we explore some of the Key reasons why so many people try diets, but can never stick to them….hint it’s not your fault

In this Free workshop we Explore

–          Why You Are being Sold a lie that diets work

–          How you are tricked into thinking…it’ll work this time

–          The sneaky tricks Big Food use to make you think you are eating “healthy”

–          The Science that Tells us that Diets…any diet….dont work

–          Why a focus on purely food and calories creates more problems than it fixes

–          How food confusion is created to keep you on the dieting hamster wheel!

–          Why you may be exercising too much,

–          Is what you are eating making you sick

This Workshop is Important for you because

–          You’ll understand why you really don’t need a diet

–          We will explain how you can gain control of how you eat, feel and perform

–          We’ll explain clearly how Science shows us what actually works

–          You can learn how to enjoy eating real food

–          We help you figure out what really important in your life, and offer strategies and tools to help you get there

–          Why relying on willpower won’t work

–          What a lack of motivation actually is


When you attend the Workshop you will get

–          An opportunity to win a free 60 min lifestyle and Precision Nutrition Consultation  valued at $120

–          Our Precision Nutrition Guide to 12 months of Awesome

–          An interactive workshop where we explore why Diets Don’t work

–           The 5 Keys to creating successful habits

–          Two Health and Fitness Experts sharing over 20 years of experience. Andrew Dowler Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Acupuncturist and Health and Fitness Educator. Liz Fulop, Fitness Professional, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Functional Movement Certified and Group Fitness Instructor

–          A sneak peak behind our 12 month Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Program

–          Our guide to Interviewing Your Health and Fitness coach….The 12 questions you need to ask your Trainer before you sign up

–          Liz’s totally amazing Nutballs and Slices to nibble on…..sooooo goood!


You will leave this workshop with

–          Understand why Diets Don’t work….but find out what does

–          An deeper understanding of how to set meaningful goals

–          How to avoid being sucked into sneaky sales and marketing tricks

–          What questions you MUST ask your Exercise Professional

–          An action plan to start implementing your goals

–          A practical habit to practice to help you get started


To secure your Place in this Free Workshop on how not too Diet simply jump on the link below to sign up….too easy. Note we only have 20 places for this free workshop, so don’t miss out


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Drew and Liz