Movement Anatomy: Fundamentals

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MoveEP’s Movement Anatomy. Learn the anatomy of movement. Sharpen your exercise prescription skills. Understand how the body moves. Gain CEC points in your own time, at your own pace.       Movement Anatomy is designed for you to develop your exercise anatomy knowledge so you can prescribe solid exercise programs for your clients   This course has 3 sections,

  • Fundamentals: review your basic anatomy and movement terminology
  • Muscle Physiology: delve into how muscle work at the cellular level
  • Integration: See how the body integrates movement to perform movement.

Do it Online

  • All course content is available online
  • online exams will test your knowledge
  • Gain CECs with Fitness Australia after competing the course
  • this course has been developed by Exercise Physiologist who are working in the industry and understand the needs of fitness professionals.


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1:Movement Anatomy: Fundamentals.  EARN  CECs

2: Movement Anatomy: Muscle Physiology. EARN  CECs:

3: Movement Anatomy: Integration EARN  CECs: .