Continuing Education Courses

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Continuing Movement Education for Health and Fitness Professionals…designed to take your Movement Practice to the next level.

MoveEP offers Continuing Education for Health and Fitness Professionals, so you can take your movement practice to the next level

Movement Education Courses

MoveEP – Mentorship Program: Work closely with Andrew to fine tune key skills and abilities required to take your Movement Skills and Business to a whole new level. You will work closely with Drew to create the skills you want, and develop the movement knowledge you need to train at the highest level possible.

Posture Course: This highly interactive workshop looks at the 5 common postural types and the best exercise solutions to create amazing postural changes with your clients.  This workshop attracts 5 CECs from Fitness Australia

Movement Anatomy: Drew is currently developing a Movement Anatomy course specifically designed to teach Fitness Professionals how to incorporate Anatomy into daily practice in a meaningful and practical way. Understanding Anatomy  builds your confidence in Exercise prescription and instruction in a way that your clients will totally appreciate

dont just do a lunge because…understand the lunge…then prescribe for a specific purpose