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Embracing the Digital Era



Technology allows us to connect like no other time in history

Coach, train and stay connected

The modern digital Era is simply amazing, the sheer volume of information that is available to us now is unprecedented in human existence.

And that is often the problem, faced with a 1000 choices, it's hard to know which one is the right choice. For example, every exercise I teach my clients are available for free on youtube somewhere, its no longer about having the information, but more so what to do with it, and which bits to focus on.

I help people drill down to what the best exercise or program that will help them the quickest

Learning has now become a Doing experience, versus a memorization of facts and skills. That's why coaching is my preferred method of helping versus instruction. Of course, we need to follow process and systems to build skills, but that's pretty easy, and honestly you can find a million programs online for free that does that.

However, if you want something that's customized specifically to your needs and goals, and then be coached through the process of achieving it then I may be the right guy for you.

In Western culture, we have made learning an arduous, boring and disinteresting task that only the most motivated can tolerate. However the Eastern approach of following a teacher, learning by practice, exploration and experimentation have a lot of merit.

This system allows the student opportunity to really learn, to actually understand what they are doing and why not just simply following along.

My approach to coaching is collaborative, where we will agree on a regularly scheduled coaching session, either online or in studio

Together we work out your goals, missions, and where you would like to go. Ill design a program for you, and we begin the coaching process.

We agree on daily, weekly or fortnightly tasks, habits, skills, and exercise that you'll need to practice. My job is to then teach you how to do these tasks so that you have the confidence to develop self-practice at home.

Regular sessions are vital to ensure that you remain consistent, focused, and accountable. We can workshop and roadblocks, work on skill acquisition and technique while establishing habits that allow you to do the work.

What a Typical online coaching session looks like

A session begins like any normal one with a scheduled time, only difference it's online

We connect using PHYSIAPP, or skype. The Physiapp is an excellent online tool I use to write exercise programs, and communicate with folks whom I am coaching using its built-in message function

Catch up: what you ve been up to, brief chat about your week, settle into the session

Review of what you've been working on, this could be specific exercises, nutrition habits, yoga- - tai chi practice.

Troubleshooting any issues that have come up

New exercises, habits, skills or tasks specific to your program.

Opportunity to ask questions

Set some micro goals, actionable tasks for you to work on

Wrap up the session, go drink coffee, green tea, or a super smoothie.

Hands-on Treatment versus online coaching

Often i get asked how can you coach exercise and rehab skills online when you cant physically adjust your client. Well, the majority of folks who I work with are at a point where sound instruction, guidance, and coaching is totally fine, using my 20 years of teaching exercise experience I have may ways of helping people find their bodies.

Of course, there is some case where hands-on treatment is necessary. If this is the case then we can do studio sessions where we can use a whole range of manual techniques, soft tissue techniques and acupuncture. If you live in Ballarat and want to see me in the studio you are most welcome

All my clients will have their exercise programs available for them to use via PhysiAPP, so you can blend coaching with online and in studio sessions, we can work together to design a best fit for how you'd like to work with me.

10 reasons to think about when considering to work with me as your coach

Reason #1: You want to get better, and understand you need help getting there.

Part of coaching is taking on a personal commitment to change, you've already decided its time to take action, and just need some help to get started, make sure you are doing the right things, and have someone who has your back to ensure you stay focused, motivated and committed. As your coach, that's what I will help you do, using my unique expertise of integrating eastern and western Exercise and Health Sciences 

Reason #2: Saves you time

You could probably spend heaps of your time researching what to do, design your own program, and execute it. But is that the best use of your time? When you hire a coach what you are paying for is expertise, knowledge, and this specific thing, in this specific order to achieve this specific result.

times have changed radically with the internet, you can easily find any exercise or habit on youtube that I may ask you to do...thing is are you sure it the right thing to do?

Reason #3: saves you money

What is the cost of you faffing about, wasting your time and money on bullshit programs, pills, potions, gurus and fads that you know won't really work because you've already done all that? If you are working on a health issue whats the cost of staying on diabetes medication or having a hip replacement because you were eating the wrong food and doing the wrong type of exercise.

Reason #4: Someone who actually listens

Don't get me wrong, I think doctors do an amazing job, but they are so overworked, that essentially they deal pretty much with triage and trauma nowadays. that means if you have got an issue that's complex, with lots of moving parts, that requires a nuanced movement and exercise approach a doctor may not have the time (average consult is less than 15 minutes) or the coaching expertise to guide you through how to make a movement and lifestyle change. Our coaching session are either 30 or 60 minutes in duration...we can cover a lot of ground in that time.

Reason #5: The SAID Principle

The SAID principle is something we use in Exercise Science world, it means. SPECIFIC ADAPTATIONS to IMPLIED DEMANDs.

what this means is that exercise is highly specific, and you'll get out what you put in. If for example, you want to touch your toes, the wrong type of stretching will hamper you ability to touch your toes, despite your hard work and goos intentions. Instead of specific stretching techniques are far more likely to get you that results when done in the right way.

Reason #6: You want to work with someone who actually knows what they are doing

Ok, hard to say this without sounding a bit up myself, but here goes. I know my shit, I eat sleep live breathe exercise, health, and fitness. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I won't prescribe an exercise unless I've personally veted it myself, and won't allows you to do stupid crazy exercises that'll wind up hurting you. I talk straight, call it as it is, and will always give you a no bullshit assessment of what I think. I'm approachable, calm, and a patient coach as I know health and movement changes take time.

Reason #7: You are slightly quirky, and like getting after it.

Ok, so no surprise here but I'm kinda a weird dude, I wear shorts in winter, don't wear shoes, and believe suit and ties are for only 3 occasions...the gym not being one of them. Personally, i train 15-20 hours a week, run my own business, and work because i love too, not because it's a J.O.B. 

If you like to work with folks who are comfortable being themselves, and can look past surface appearances then we are a good match. I don't care what your activewear looks like, or the type of car you drive. you dont need access to a fancy gym, or spend thousands of dollars on exercise gear or supplements. But you need to turn up, show up, train, asks questions, have an open mind and get after it.

Reason #8: Geeks and Nerds are cool...because they love to learn

Being a total movie nerd be prepared to chat about all things star wars, star trek, star gate...heck if its got stars in it then ive watched it. 

I also take my nerdiness ot exercise and health, i love to know why stuff works, and forever have my head buried in a text book, ears plugged into a podcast, or attend a seminar. Ivlearnednt more since leaving uni then i ever learned at uni, and i continue to study, work with my mentors and teachers and stay o the path of self development

Reason #9: Complex Simplicity

One of my superpowers is to take really complicated systems, like movement, and make them accessible and easy to learn. It comes from studying movement intensely for the past 20 years. I can watch someone walk down the street and develop a good sense of problems they may have just from observing their posture and gait. Its simply pattern recognition, I've done it so many times, I know what to look for, it makes me very efficient and effective. I also have the skills to dig deeper to source out other complex issues, structural neural, physiological, and know when to refer someone to another health professional more specialized in that particular area.

This deep understanding comes from rigorous study, practice, and application. 

Reason #10: I won't judge you

I'm not here to make you feel crap about yourself and the choices you've made, because nobody is perfect and we all share this journey of the human experience. I want to build you up, to tap into your inner perfection, to show you that yes you can do it, you are capable, and that it's your time to get after it.

So I guess if you've read down this far you might be diggin my jam so to speak. If thats the case please reach out and lets chat about how we can work together. My contact information is: Mobile: 0419 874 682