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How to Stop Getting Injured: Move Ballarat Episode #20

In this podcast Drew goes over 5 key things to be aware of if you are trying to decrease your chance of getting hurt during exercise /sport / training.

Based on Drew’s experince over 20 years of working with injured /hurt folks, plus some cool insights from the research world we go over some of the key things to consider.

This podcast could be a game changer for some folks who keep wondering why they are always getting hurt….that ankle sprain that wont seem to go away, the pesky lower back niggle that always seems to be there, and that performance ceilng, where you know if you go just that little bit harder, you may just tweak that dodgy knee.

For ths who like thte nuts and bolts, have a gander here at Functioanl Movement Research and here at the British Journal of Sports Medicine.





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