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Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom and Power – Where do they really come from?

Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom and Power – Where do they really come from?
I love this quote from the Tao…its one I always come back to and reflect on.
In today’s modern world folks are too busy trying to control things they have little control of, and fail to see the importance of self-mastery first.
They try to control other people
They try to control the world, jobs, politics
They try to control their family and friends
Realize, the only real control you have is over yourself
Having studied Traditional Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts a and Movement practices, including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Jujitsu, Yoga and Zen Bhudist Mediation for over 20 years I feel I have a little appreciation of the journey toward true understanding of myself
I understand I still have a long way to go
One thing all these practices have in common is that they all take perseverance, dedication, practice and a willingness to put your ego aside.
It’s the journey that important
It’s the practice that gets you toward the top of the mountain
It’s working with great teacher
Being humble and open
A journey purely based on the aesthetics, the ripped body, for example, is what I call an Empty goal. Meaning that on its own won’t really bring you happiness that’s meaningful, there will be some transient happiness but it will fade quickly. It can be very useful as a stage in your growth and development, but should never be the only goal.
Should your journey happen to get you a rocking body, that will be with you through your practice and journey, almost as just a side effect of your practice then that’s pretty cool. But with or without the aesthetic goal, your practice continues. You may be able to rock that body when you are 25..but will you really care about having a 6 pack when you are 85?
I have seen an increase in the energetic, or Qi movement arts, which is really cool to see. When I started training in Tai Chi 20 years ago, its was very hard to find other people who even knew what it was, but know, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and meditation are becoming common practice, it’s fantastic to see.
Beware the teacher that done a weekend course and is all of a sudden the “Master”, “Guru”, “Expert” “Sifu”, I call bullshit on this, and it’s an inherent problem in western cultures of folks not willing to put in the study and work to really earn their title, or have the skill and expertise to teach and coach these incredibly deep and complex movement arts. The weekend certification is an empty Qualification, be it in any movement system, pilates yoga, kettlebells, weight lifting, Personal training, Qi Gong, whatever!
For those wishing to start to explore this aspect of the human condition the number one key thing to do is to search out a good teacher of whom you have a strong connection with. There are many branches of the tree, and the roots go down deep, explore until you find your own path, in this way, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, and where you are going
From this intelligence of the self, you build strength
As your strength increases, you gain deeper understanding, wisdom
With your depth of wisdom, you can express your true power
To truly understand yourself, to attain self Mastery require a dedicated practice
This practice should include
– Movement – train the physical body
– Mental control – Train your mental capacity and intelligence
– Breathe work – develop postures, balance, and control qi and hormone regulation
– Qi or energy work
– Nutrition – Avoid toxic, pro-inflammatory food, eat stuff that makes you better
– and something that nourishes your spirit, be it religion, spiritual practice, being in nature, or just enjoying the magnificence of this universe..acknowledgment of it not all about you!
“Always Forward”
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