Move Fitness is all about giving you the skills, tools, knowledge and education to get you Fit. We believe fitness is a very individual thing, so we tailor our exercise programs for you, not just generic run of the mill programs.

Firstly we do this because we love being fit and healthy, so you will find us training in our various exercise of choice. secondly we understand the science of exercise and the art of exercise Prescription, so we use our knowledge, and our experience to tailor your training to your exact needs.

We love to train all fitness levels, so if your just starting out, hit the gym regularly, or compete at an elite level Move Fitness have got your back when it comes to exercise programing and fitness.


Enjoy what you do

Move Fitness we encourage everyone to enjoy what they do, so our exercise sessions have a light humours edge to them. We are experts at what we do, but dont take ourselves too seriously and think having fun whilst working out is important.



Train hard, train smart.

Move EPs are exercise geeks, we will happily talk for hours about anatomy and physiology, pretty much if its exercise related, we talk about it, read it, watch it and study it. We put all this knowledge into our programs, but that’s only the first step, the second step is stepping up and doing the work. We believe in training hard, and training smart. this does not mean every session is a smash down, but rather following core exercise principles to achieve results. It is a physiological fact that to achieve higher fitness levels you have to to put it out there and try!

Good Health builds Fitness

We belive in building healthy bodies first, achieving base levels of fitness so you can carry out your daily activities, keep your heart and lungs in good stead, get adequate sleep and eat a nice balanced diet. For many people achieving this level of fitness is fantastic, it allows them to get the body active, but spend time on other activities. We want people to enjoy their bodies, and getting in shape can be as simple as including a 30 minute walk every day. Once general health is achieved we can then really start to build fitness for us crazy folk who like the physical challenge and benefits of exercise.

Make a choice, get your head in the game

Life is all about choices, the decisions we make define who we are. Here at Move we like to support and facilitate people’s choices, as humans we are complex creatures, what works for one person may not work for someone else. We also have numerous life stress that effect us, work, family, travel commitments are all factors that impact people’s ability to exercise. However, at some point you have to make a decision, get your head in the game and commit to your own health. We can train you, but at the end of the day its the individual that does the work, and you know what, that’s when they own their fitness, because they earnt it.


Nothing changes, if nothing changes!

It may sound simple, but if you want change, you need to create the change, it just wont happen by itself. Move fitness guides you though the steps to create the health and fitness change you need.