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MoveEP offers individualized Exercise Physiology programs for musco – skeletal, metabolic, and cardiovascular conditions. We believe that exercise is movement medicine, and use an evidence based approach to provide individualized exercise programs.


Our rehab approach has three basic steps, the first is FUNCTION, getting you body back under your control. HEALTH is all about developing the base levels that our body needs to operate at from day to day, FITNESS is all about developing, pushing and working with your body so you can achieve your goals.


MoveEP do not believe in generic, 1 program fits all exercises. Our exercise programs are designed to suit your specific needs which follow movement science principles. To achieve this we Assess, prescribe, correct, coach and educate our clients so they learn how to train, why they train, and where they need to head toward.

WOLFS LAW  states that the body will adapt to the stresses placed upon it, the art of exercise prescription is tailoring the right type, volume, and intensity of exercise to produce a positive adaptation, or change. Too little, and no improvement are made, too much and overtraining or injury occur.

SAID stands for Specific Adaptation from Imposed Demands. It means we must program specifically to get the desired result. The body is very complex, and there a numerous ways to train, MoveEP Exercise Physiologists provide unique, individual programs for specific results.


We asses your needs individually as we belive everyone responds slightly differently, what works for one person may not for the other.

FUNCTIONALITY: Our exercise programs are designed for a purpose, to allow you to use your body the way its meant to be. If an exercise isnt functional, we wont use it.

Evidence Based + Clinical experience:

Move Rehab promotes  current evidenced based approaches in conjunction with sound clinical reasoning. We do not use “fad” programs or exercise equipment, instead we base our programming on a sound understanding of Human Movement, exercise science and clinical experience.


MoveEP works closely with allied health professionals, providing a unique team approach to your rehab, fitness and health goals. We have an established network of physiotherapists, doctors, Remedial massage therapists, chiropractor, acupuncturists, dietitians and podiatrists, where we can advise you on what type of treatment you need.


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