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You rock…thank you for jumping in and sharing your love of being healthy and fit! 

We are expanding our studio by 200%…yes thats right, we now have 2 Studios at the Move Headquarters in Ballarat….a Private 1:1 studio, and a very cool Private, Small Group Training space we call the Move Better Studio!

To celebrate we will be giving away to one of our awesome Move Newsletter Subscribers a Brand SPANKING NEW Fit Bit Blaze



We love Activity Trackers…and the Blaze is Top of the line, gadgety goodness.

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One thing we love about the Blaze is that we can use it to help us dial into our own habits, patterns and behaviours to really optimise our time…because out time is our most valuable asset.

Stay tuned for out Track Your Moves Program, where we teach you how to get the most out of your Fit Bit, and where I will break down just how your activity tracker works and the best ways to use it.


Check out what Happening in the studio

We teach you how to get the best out of life so you can kick some serious ass….its all about PERFORMING better!




MASTER-feature-images-eat-betterFood is one of the pleasures of life….we teach you how to enjoy your food, and make great choices based on your needs and likes. we don’t do diets, we teach habits, and with Liz as a Precision Nutrition Coach, and Drew with a Masters in Chinese medicine we believe in a balanced approach to food





First we need to learn how to move correctly…then we start to train!. The last thing we want to do is layer strength onto dysfunction…I mean, you wouldn’t try to build a foundation on shaky ground right. Our Functional Movement Classes are all about creating a bullet Proof Exercise Foundation to allow you to perform at your best, pain and injury free!




With a focus on posture, alignment, breathe and core control Pilates works from the inside out. Drew designs his Classes based on 15 years of clinical rehab experience, incorporating all the best exercises to make your power back strong, hips flexible, shoulders supple, and core stable. Many of Drew’s regulars love the fact that they no longer need to take medications for their back pain, or get uglier treatment as the classes keeps them in good stead.



Want personalised, 1:1 session with Drew or Liz to tailor your movement practice to suit what you need. Got an injury needs sorting out. Need Liz to put the hurt down on you to take you to the next training level. Want a Functional Movement Assessment to fid out how well you move. We love private 1:1 training, in fact, we recommend all of folks start with individualised sessions so we can customise your movement practice. Even when going to our group classes its important for us to understand how you move, and what your goals are.