Feel Better

Recovery, relaxation and sleep is a vital part of feeling great. Be it meditation, deep relaxation breathing, or mindfulness…we help you develop simple strategies to wind down, chill out, simply relax.

We are big fans of meditation, there is a ton of science indicating how awesome it can be for your state of mind, concentration, memory and ability to do the three Rs




Basically our bodies go into rest and repair mode when we are relaxed, in particular when we get into great sleep patterns.

A simple meditation or deep breathing practice, done for 5- 10 minutes per day can engage the Parasympathetic Nervous System…the very part of the central nervous system that regulates the 3 Rs….

As you guys know we don’t really care much for the fluff….so our practices are pretty simple, but darn right effective.

When you get your 3 Rs happening, you will defiantly start to feel better