Kettlebell Training is an extremely functional way to train the whole body in a short amount of time. Kettlebell Training combines explosive strength with muscular endurance to provide an efficient and athletically optimized full body workout.

Mobility – get your joints gliding and sliding

Flexibility – allow your muscle to lengthen and shorten too full functional range

Stability – develop core strength and balance

Patterns – Develop the correct motor control to pattern correct movement sequences

Strength – Create functional strength to allow your body to get the job done in your situations important to you.

Class Details

How long: 50 minutes

When: Tuesday/Thursday 6.30 pm, Saturday 8.15am

Cost: Unlimited Group Class Memberships $25

Trial: Are you new to Kettlebells…why not start with our 14 day Trial

Do I need to Book: Yes, you will defiantly need to book your spot.Call Drew on 0419874682, or email to lock in your spot

What Other Classes do you have: With your weekly Group Class membership you get access to Core Level 1, Core Level 2, Kettlebells, and GRIT


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BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: I specifically keep these groups small to allow me to really coach you through the session. I’d love to hear from you to schedule a session….EMAIL me @ to chat about when we get you started