The ankle is a fairly complex joint, really comprised of 2 joints that make up one big joint. Structurally it needs to provide a solid base of support for the body, but also be dynamic enough to allow fluid moment  Small restrictions at the ankle can case all kinds of problems up the kinetic chain, knees, hips, backs, shoulder and neck problems can often be traced back to poor ankle mechanics.








Sample Program achilles  strenghtening level 2

Shin Splints

medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Compartment syndrome

Gastrocnemius / soleus sptrain

Achilles tendonitis

Calcaneal Brsitis

Planta fasciaitis

Lateral Ligament Injuries

Medial ligament Injuries

Navicular Stress Fractures

Collapsing Arch (pes cacus)

Inversion / eversion

Extensor tendioopathy