Studio Sessions and Coaching

MoveEP only use fully Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Andrew Dowler is our exercise Rehabilitation specialist, and he is now available for individualized consultations, providing advice and exercise programs for rehabilitation, high performance exercise , and general fitness. With 15 years of clinical experience working as an exercise physiologist Andrew can provide the insight, direction and programming skills you need to meet you rehab and fitness goals.

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How it all works.

STEP 1: Click on the “online consult” tab which will direct you to a paypall shopping cart. Complete the form, including your case history and question and rehab/performance goals which willl be direct to me. A Move EP online consult is $150

STEP 2: Andrew will analyse your case, he may request further information, or even a skype session so he can view your movement patterns is applicable. Once Andrew is satisfied he has all the required information he will then devise an individualized exercise program, which will include exercise descriptions and pictures. Andrew assess and prescribes on an individual basis, there are no generic exercise programs here, he may ask you to record a detailed exercise dairy/log, or email him updates during the week with your progress.

STEP 3: Compliance, this is the fancy word meaning now you have to go away and do the exercises as directed. Nothing will change if the exercises are nor done as directed. The program needs to be followed as closely as possible, every rep, set, stretch exercise. Every session, day, and interval needs to be done.

STEP 4: Adjustments and modifications will be made accordingly to how each individual responds to the exercises.

STEP 5: Evaluation. after the program is completed Andrew will evaluate your progress with you based on our targets and benchmarks established during the consultation phase.

STEP 6: Follow up consultation. If you would like to continue your exercise journey Andrew is happy to do follow up consults. Just click on the “follow up consult ” tab to continue your path to functional movement.


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