The Spinal column provides structural support and protection for the vital organs and spinal cord. A functional system of integrated bones called vertebrae comprise the spinal column, divided into the cervical (neck), Thoracic, (upperback), lumbar (lower back), and sacrum (base of spine).


A complex system of interlinking muscles provide functional support and movement to the 25 bones of the spinal column. From very small muscle such as the rotatores, which cross single vertebrates, to the large multi joint muscles such as the Erector spinae group which cross entire segments of the spine.

We use a structured and integrated approach to spinal rehab, depending on the type of condition, our exercise rehab programs are individualized and functional to address the unique requirements of each individuals back.


Here is an example of a stage 1 Thorascic (middle back)) mobility program, especially useful for throwing / racquet sports athletes who are one side dominant. These exercises are taught at in our studio, or over a skype connection.

Thoracic Mobility Program 1


Disc herniation

vertebral subluxation

Quadratus Lumborum Strain

Thoracic hypomobility

Degenerative osteoarthritis

Rib facet joint hypomobility

Post Laminectomy/Discectomy