Video Exercise Library

Welcome to MoveEp’s Exercise Video Library, including corrective exercises, drills, Pilates, and strength and conditioning.

Overhead Arms


Floor Hip Bridge


Floor Pelvic Tilts


Modified 4 point back release “cat”


Standing Supported Wall Reach


90 – 90 Hip Bridge


Glute Activation Drill


Childs pose Modified


Wall/Pole Squat – modified lumber release


Side lying Hip External Rotation With Band


Seated Back release


Right Side Lying Adductor Pullback


Chest Hugs


Kneeling Upper Trap Stretch


Chest Release on towel


SCM stretch



Standing Quad Stretch


Kneeling Bilateral Hip/knee Stretch…..Modified “Camel pose”


Sideling Quad Stretch


Kneeling Abdominal Breathing and Brace 


Supine Abdominal Breathing and Reach


Supine Abdominal Breathing and Brace


Kneeling Hip flexor Stretch


Kneeling Abdominal Breathing and Brace


4 Point Hip Extension


Bird Dog


C – Crunch


Clams…..Short – Long


Clam Front Kicks




Lumbar rolls from tabletop


Lumbar Rolls


Cat – Dog


7 minute morning stretch


Kneeling Chest Stretch


Prone Back + Hip Extension




Overhead arms – tabletop – situp sequence


Superman + Hip Extension


Single Leg Hip Bridge


Side-lying Resisted Hip External Rotation with Bands


Right side – lying adductor pullback


Kneeling Hip flexor Stretch with Stick


Kneeling Hip flexor Stretch with Stick






Shoulder Mobility and Stretch sequence


Towel Stretch


L Sit Chest Stretch


Chest Self Myofascial Release With Ball


Kneeling Chest Stretch


4 Point Ankle – Knee Mobility


4 Point Cat Breathing (Diaphragm + IO + Serratus Anterior)


4 Point Cat Breathing on elbows (Diaphragm + IO + Serratus Anterior)


Tall Kneeling Hip Extension


Plank 10-15 seconds


Overhead pullover with plate


KB Deadlift


Single Leg KB Deadlift


Plank: Knees – Toes


 LFS Tabata Challenge #2


Fit – Lean – Strong # 1


Fit – Lean – Strong # 2


Core: Side Plank – Knees / Feet


Core: Anti Rotation Band Press


Bench Step Ups – Weighted / Body Weight


Bench Push Ups


Barbell Bent Over Rows 


Core: Tabletop Double Leg Lower


Core: Tabletop Bicycle


Core: Tabletop Single Leg Lower


Core: Tabletop Double Bicycle


Core: Tabletop Double Knee


Core: Tabletop Bicycle Singles


Lunges: Bodyweight – Kettlebell


Pushups: Knees – Toes


Goblin Squat


Hamstring Stretch with Ankle / Knee mobilisation


Hip Hinge With Stick


Side Plank on Knees


Kettlebell Swing Breakdown


The Elbow Dance


Lower Back Rest Position


Bridge with band


How to do situps without hurting your neck


Hip Mobility Drill: SLR + Cossack + Hip Extension


PRI – 4 point breathing with left side focus





PRI – 4 point Glute Max


PRI – Seated Left Adductor Pullback


PRI : Side Plank With Lift


PRI Single Arm Childs Pose


PRI Standing Adductor pullback

PRI Breathing Drill – Diaphragm and Reach

PRI Breathing Drill – Diaphragm Row and Reach