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Only Fool Coaches Themselves

A sure way to Fail is to have yourself as a coach

There is something really powerful about having someone to coach you, be it in exercise, business or how stay healthy in a modern world

Those who understand that to succeed takes the right information + the right actions + the correct attitude

Let’s look at some folks who are awesome

Bruce Lee had multiple martial art Sifu’s well before he became famous and created his own martial arts style of Jeet Kun Do

Hugh Hackmam was coached and attended Performing Arts Academy well before he hit the big time. His preparations for Wolverine required training with a strength and condition coach and nutrition expert

Both Bruce and Hugh would tell you that a large part of their success is due to their coaches, teachers and mentors

They both have the drive and will to succeed, but also know that to be great they need help. To learn from those who have been there, and understand exactly what’s needed to nail your goals.







So my question is, who is your coach, who’s in your corner wiping the sweat off your brow whilst giving you those little 1% ers that make the difference from you eating canvas

As Great strength coach ‘Dan John, only a fool has himself as a coach.’

Whatever it is you are trying to succeed in….just remember you don’t need to do it on your own!

Here at the Move Studios we provide expert Movement and Nutrition Coaching to help you succeed

Li and I pride ourselves in only teaching the absolute best stuff out there, and if your looking to tightnen up on the food side of things our 12 month Precision Nutrition Program is ideal…check it out.





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