Core Level 1 and 2

CORE Level 1 and 2

Our core level 1 is the foundation of or whole body. This includes the front and the back of your body, hips, shoulders, feet and breathing. We train the basics to build true strength, designed for beginners and those looking for a great way to explore the freedom of movement in their bodies.

Once you have mastered the basics we move you into our Level 2 Core class which is going to give you an extra challenge with new moves to strengthen your whole body.

Class Details

How long: 50 minutes


Monday 7 pm lvl 2

Tuesday 10am lvl 1

Wednesday 6pm Lvl 1

Thursday 10 am lvl 2

Saturday 9.15 lvl 1

Cost: Unlimited Group Class Memberships $25

Trial: Are you new …why not start with our 14 day Trial

Do I need to Book: Yes, you will defiantly need to book your spot.Call Drew on 0419874682, or email to lock in your spot

What Other Classes do you have: With your weekly Group Class membership you get access to Core Level 1, Core Level 2, Kettlebells, and GRIT

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Drew Running through a Core Lvl 2 Sequence



Here’s Drew Running through a Higher level Sequence of Mountain pose to Up dog – Awesome combination of shoulder and spine Mobility / Strength


Ok, so let’s get started!

Do I need an Assessment before I start?

If you are new to a movement practice, and or have an existing injury or health condition I recommend we do an assessment so we can work out the best approach for you.

How do classes run

Each class is 50 minutes long, self-paced, meaning that I’ll give heaps of options along the way so you can fine tune the class to your level. Have a chat to us before the class to get a feel of what we will be working on

Do I need to book in for sessions?

Yes, class are limited to 12 folks per class, so you’ll need to book into the sessions.

Will I get a sweat up?

The Level 1 classes are designed to focus on control and function, not to increase your heart rate and get huffy and puffy. Of course, you may develop a light sweat which is totally normal. The Core Level 2 is definitely harder, it is, however, self paced so you can work at your own level

Do I need to bring any gear

Yes, if you can bring along your own mat that would be great. We do the class in socks or bare feet…very natural to move.

How much is each class?

Unlimited Group Class Memberships $25

Or why not start with our 14 day Trial

Can I claim them through my private health fund?

You will need to check with your health provider, most now days are.

Wondering what our classes look and feel like…have a look see below, we think you may like it.

Here’s a teaser of a cool core sequence…its a little on the tough side, so something great to build up too.

Like that one…here the full 6-minute sequence…have a play


Sometimes it nice to get a bit stretchy….check out below to see Liz work on her forward bend developing great flexibility for her back and legs.


For those wanting a little extra oomph in their core we love to use extra bits n pieces, here Liz is using a 10 kg plate to really biuld up a strong core. Its not easy, but it is effective