Nutrition Coaching

“Our mission to give you the freedom to live an active and healthy lifestyle”


Move Eat Live is a 12 month Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle coaching program where we work together to build lasting habits that are the keys to truly reaching your goals.


Does this sound like you?

  • I want to be lean and healthy, with some solid dense bones and muscle.
  • I want to be in better shape — strong, fast, flexible, agile, physically capable.
  • I want to take fewer medications or get off my medications entirely.
  • I want to feel amazing, getting up in the morning with a smile.
  • I want to eat normally, intuitively, and sanely. I want to nourish my body with smart food choices.

Sound pretty good right….


Has it felt out of Reach in the Past

  • Getting healthy just take too much effort
  • I have no idea what I should be doing, it’s really confusing
  • I want to get off my medications, but I’m scared what will happen if I do
  • argh…getting up in the morning is hard work..can I please have another 30 minutes in bed
  • I’ve tried diets before, they just made me feel horrible….and I wind up putting more weight on
  • Exercise….meh…I bust my ass in the gym and all I got was huge thighs….what gives man!

Maybe you’ve felt like that at some point….I know I have


Have You been guru’s…..this Expert knows what’s best for you

  • I signed up for a 12 week Bootcamp…..and all I got was a sprained ankle and smashed in the park at 5.30 am in the morning for 12 weeks
  • I followed the High carb, low fat, no dairy, lunar cycle 24/7 intermittent protocol……and wound up at my Doctors with adrenal fatigue
  • The Lemon Juice fast I just read about in that magazine just made me wee a lot
  • Celebrity Trainer From Reality TV program said I should do Burpees on a sand dune while carrying a sandbag cause its good for my core….what?
  • A supposed “online” Fitness expert told me that Summer bodies are made in winter….my question is what happens in Autumn and Spring?

It seems everyone on the internet is a bloody expert nowadays….


So Why Move Eat Live Nutrition Coaching for 12 months?

  • We believe REAL change takes time, dedication, practice and consistency to be successful.
  • We Help you Imagine It…that place you want to get to
  • We help You Capture It…that vision of who you really want to be
  • We have Fun with it
  • Each day we make it just a little more real
  • Evidence-Based, Move Eat Live  is grounded in the science of success
  • Battle tested…over the past 12 years over 45,000 people have nailed their goals with The Move Eat Live System
  • We coach you how to own your body, health, and nutrition
  • State of the art online Platform which is crazy easy to use, and gives you access anytime anywhere
  • You get to Work with a Precision Nutrition Certified ProCoach who will be with you 100% of the way on your journey

Precision Nutrition is the Industry Gold standard in Nutrition Coaching, our Move Eat Live team are fully Qualified Movement Professionals, specializing in exercise and nutrition programs


What Move Eat Live coaching ISNT!

  • It’s NOT a Diet….there is ZERO evidence on ANY diet that shows they work….in fact most diets wind up backfiring with weight gain
  • It’s NOT a competition….we help you be the best version of you, no matter what size, shape, fitness level, experience….
  • It’s NOT a short term Fix…..the body takes a time to change…we acknowledge this…we play the long game!!
  • It’s Not about punishing you for eating the wrong stuff… is one of the joys of life…we teach you how to develop an amazing relationship with food
  • It’s not about Depriving you of Food you enjoy…..there’s no judgment here…you like a glass of red wine, cool…we just give you all the information you need to make the choices that are right for you
  • It’s not about smashing you with exercise…..Just like food….there are no fast tracks to getting in shape….we ALWAYS exercise smart….then if you like the sweaty stuff, we show you how to do that safely too

Here at MoveEP we can’t stand the “fluff”…..if it’s not the absolute best, we don’t use it


So How does Move Eat Live Coaching Work

  • We use the state of the art online Platform called ProCoach
  • ProCoach is your personal website where your Move Eat Live Journey Lives
  • Each Fortnight we work on a specific goal/habit
  • Each day you get lessons to help you NAIL your fortnightly goal
  • Your Coach will guide you through the process and is available answer any questions you have
  • Your coach will provide ideas, thoughts, suggestions, tips, tricks, strategies and approaches  to help you break through any roadblocks you may have (believe us they are there)
  • You get to do optional measurements if you like to track your weight, muscle mass  etc
  • You get EXPERT exercise, movement, and performance coaching to help you find the best type of movement for you
  • Flexibility…you can pick a Pro Coach package that works for you. Want to add Personal Training into your PN experience, cool, we would love to see you in the studio. Want us to help you plan and design your workouts that you can use in your gym, yep no problem at all


Choose a Payment Plan That works for You

“How do you have an amazing transformation? One small change at a time.”




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