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Become a Student of Qi and study the Art and Science of Longevity

Join Drew online to learn Qigong, Tai Chi, Breathe, Meditation with classes, workshops, and courses you can do at home.

Join Drew as he leads a weekly live Qigong session 

Tai Chi practice with a focus on practice single forms, great step be step  practice

Learn the Art of breathing and meditation

Biuld your Practice

Tai Chi and qigong is the perfect practice to do at home. Find some space in your living room, study, deck, or garage, and join in the weekly live classes, or follow along at your own time


To join Qi Online simply create an account. A big part of our mission is to make Qigong accessible to everyone so thats why we have decided on a monthly subscription of $28, which is $7 a week. We know that getting stuff for free is nice, but you never really value it, so put a few bucks a week into your Qi cultivation is a great way to invest in your own health


Once you join up Drew will invite you to join the Facebook Private Group. If you  dont use facebook dont worry, you'll still be able to watch all the classes here at moveep.com


We have a combination of follow along classes you can do anytime, plus live classes streamed over Zoom, and shared straight into the facebook private group. So you can use Zoom, Facebook, or our website.


Join our online community to support, learn, teach and grow our practice together.

Stay connected with new classes, workshops and courses

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Cultivate Your Qi 

With todays technolgy we have the capability to study Qi anywhere you have an internet connection, how amazing is that. The Qi Online its my mission to teach Qigong, Tai Chi and Breath work in an easy to follow way that demystifies the preactice, explains the science, explores the tradations, and honors the practice of Qi cultivation.

Learn at your pace

Drew has been studying and teaching for over 20 years and and has developed a teachign style that is interactive, easy to follow and enegaging.

Ask as many questions as you need to enable you to truly understand your practice. Learn at your pace, in the privacy of your own home. Traditionally the knowledge of Qigong and Taichi was only taught to a select few students, those in the inner circle who were dedicated enough to commit their life to the practice. These Qi secrets have only been released to the general public in the last decade, the barriers to learning have been lifted, and made accessible to anyone wishing to learn.

its my honor to be in a position to teach what i have laernt over the last 20 years, with myself still practicng, studying and learning, im excited to share the Qi journey 

The Science of Qi

want to learn the Sceince of Qi and energy work. With modern advances in physcis, bioelecticity and our understanding of fascia and energy circuits Qigong and Tai Chi know have solid scientific reasonaing to explain why they are so good for us

With Degress in Exercise Sceince and Chinese Medicine drew is able to weave together both Chinese Medical Theory and Modern Exercise Sceince to explain the mechanisms and actions of how Qigong and tai chi practices work

Honors The Practice

Qigong and Taichi literally have thousands years of accumulated knoweldge and wisdom. I feel honored and humbled to be able to share these teaching and promte the Art and Science of Qi cultivatiobn

Qigong and Taichi literally transformed my life, from Chronic fatigue syndrome, to completing Kokoro54, one of the most challenging physical and mental training events in the world. My secret weapon, Qigong, as taught o me by my teachers, and know I am fortunate enough to share what i have learnt with Qi online

Qi Online


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Qi Online is your place to build your personal Qigong and Tai Chi practice with Andrew aka “Drew” Dowler

Why Qi gong Online
  1. Qigong changed can transform your life, it saved my health and allowed me to lead a rich and happy life, and Qi online is my mission to share that transformational power
  2. Share the practice with others so we may learn how to transform and cultivate qi to build a positive, happy and healthy life
  3. To understand the art and science of qigong practice, to allow it to be better understood so any barriers of confusion, misinformation, dogma are eliminated so as the practice is accessible to anyone who wishes to learn, and is willing to practice and do the work necessary to progress
7 levels deep:How qi online can transform your life
  1. Learning and sharing with others in your own space is a very powerful way of developing the self
  2. Learning Qi gong and taichi will provide you freedom, by giving you more energy and inner confidence
  3. Avoid wasting my time with empty practice, meaning go deeper into the roots of practice with principle-based training that teaches you how to practice correctly
  4. Because we only get one life, and I have a gift and talent in Qigong and health, and I am here to share it with you
  5. Be authentic, develop a practice that is meaningful to you
  6. Avoid being in a health debt which leaves you totally powerless you don’t have the energy to function. The greatest gift we have is our health, and Qigong and taichi cultivate these gifts daily
  7. Be empowered to gain control of your health and future by spending the time to develop a personal practice. In doing so it will feed your soul, allow you to  live with purpose,  and position you to help others, be it your family, work colleagues, community or country
What’s my Vision of Qionline
  1. A community of qigong and tai chi folks who are practicing and supporting each other on their path using the wisdom of Qigong TaiChi and Yoga
  2. An online platform where we have the opportunity to learn and practice in their own space, at their own pace.
  3. Integrated practice, that allows people to foster their own personal growth and development as a student of Qi
  4. An online community where we can support and foster each other
  5. Workshops and courses that educate on all aspects of Qigong, taichi, yoga, and Breathwork
  6. Foster research into bio energetically and the Science of Qi
  7. Certify teachers to spread Qigong practice

How Does it work

  1. Create a Qionline account
  2. membership is $28 month, no lock-in contracts
  3. Join the Qionline Facebook group to stay connected to new classes, watch live streams, ask Drew questions and support the community
  4. Start your practice. You can log into your account on the website to watch our growing library of classes, or join into the regular live-streamed classes in the Facebook group
  5. Ask Drew – regular QnA with Drew where he answers your training and practice questions
  6. Be involved with the community as much, or little as you like. It’s your practice, your journey
  7. Respect everyone on the path

Study - Practice - Grow 

The Art and Sceince of Qi News

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Contact Drew

EMAIL: drew@moveep.com

MOBILE: 0419 874 682

Find me on Facebook @moveep.com


Andrew Dowler

Exercise Physiologist & Acupuncturist

Email: drew@moveep.com

Mobile: 0419 874 682

Studio: 42 Wattlebird Way, Malua Bay 2536

Qigong beginners: level 1 Foundations

Qigong 5 Elements: level 2 the 5 elemt system

Qigong Fascia, Qi and bioelectricty: Level 3 the Science of qi

Qigong The energy Gates: Level 4 qigong acupuncture points

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