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The School Of Fit: How I Use My FitBIT in RPM

The School of Fit! – How I use my FitBit Blaze in RPM (indoor cycling)

I love Monday Mornings because I get to teach RPM…We have an awesome bunch of riders who bring their energy and intensity to each track…it’s a real buzz 🙂

The class runs for 45 minutes, there’s a warm up, conditioning phase and cool down.

Each class has 8 tracks, or songs, everything from rock, house, dub step, to pop…if it’s got a beat, and sounds awesome we ride it.

The picture below graphs my Heart Rate Response during the class, which tells me how hard I was working, giving me insight on how to plan my recovery and future rides








Drew’s Heart Rate Response During an RPM 70….one tough ride


This RPM release, # 70 is especially tough, with me spending 24 minutes in my Anaerobic Energy System. Meaning for half the class I was really hitting it! Big work, big energy, big results

RPM is an interval class, so we switch from intense bouts of work, to recovery phases to allow the body to do it again….believe me you need it

My Max HR was 188, which is right up there…top gun style…right in the Peak Effort Phase of track 5, power intervals.

The first 20 minutes or so was a bit more cruisy, being more aerobic based. This is ideal as it gives us plenty of time to get into the groove of the ride

For my new riders I’m happy for them to start here saying in their Aerobic Zone. The first goal is to ride the class comfortably, we even recommend newbies feel free to finish after the 4th track, which is about 20 minutes of cardio on the bike. The each week add a track, and then before they know it they are finishing a full class…POW!!

Using the Fitbit to Track recovery

There are two awesome features in the new FitBit Blaz which helps us track how we are recovering.

Firstly we know that early morning resting heart rate is a great indicator of how the body is responding to stress. Once you have a base line set you can track how well your are resting by comparing your Actual Resting HR…best taken early in the morning before you get up. Fortunately the Fitbit measures this in real time, so all you need to do is sync the app and look at the data.

We can see from the graph below that even though I had a pretty intense workout on Monday, my resting heart rate has stayed pretty much the same. this tells me that my recovery strategy is working. Being I’m eating, getting to bed on time, and not over doing the training. As I tend to like to really push it, this allows me some wiggle room to add some extra intensity in my next session







Drew’s Resting Heart Rate Over 1 Week


The other big factor is sleep, i closely guard my sleep as it is so important for th regulation and function of pretty much everything in the body. As much as 1-2 less sleep then normal can really screw up your system, you perform poorly, brain gets foggy, and the metabolism goes into a bit of a spin.

That night I got close to 8 hours sleep, which is my goal. The graph shows that there were times i wa a bit restless, particularly around 6am, which is when the dog usually lets us know she needs to go outside to pee….better that than on the carpet right!

So, even though I had a tough workout, I still got in a good night sleep, and woke up the  next morning feeling pretty darn good and ready to rock and roll.

Based on the Fitbit data, and how I felt, i could have gone another solid RPM today, but Im not scheduled for another pedal until Thursday, Tuesdays exercise is pilates, tai chi and walking, stay tuned for my breakdown of how the fitbit helps me get my chill on







Drew’s Sleep That night

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