The Strategy

A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

Before you start, have an idea of where you want to go

What is it you really want, and how do you get it

The strategy is all about having an overarching approach to achieve your goals and results. What are you going to do, in what order, with what resources that you need to so you can go about the day to day practice of living a healthy and long life

Firstly I advise my coaching clients to think about what it is they really want, and why they are doing it. It has to be for the right reasons, otherwise, it won't stick and the wheels fall off.

For example, you may want to lose weight, a pretty common goal, yet so many people struggle with their weight. There are multiple reasons why this may be the case, but when you get down to it, losing weight, staying lean, is hard for 90% of folks. Its hard because most folks have been sold bullshit programs, pills, and potions that promise big results, in short periods of time, with little effort or commitment.

Weight loss is a lifelong thing, the body naturally ebbs and flows with weight, it metabolically normal, but folks are made to feel bad about themselves because they may carry a few extra kilograms. Its total bullshit

In my opinion, the real question should be not how to lose, weight, because even though is hard, it's totally doable, but rather why?

Why do you want to do that this example lose weight.

Understand your real motivation to do that thing, and chance are you'll stick with it, and the secret to success in this game is consistency first, it trumps all other variables.

If we are playing the long game, where you will be showing up, every day, to do the work, the practice, then you'll need a pretty good reason to keep you going.

Losing weigh on it owns is rarely a good reason

Losing weight to help stabilize blood sugars so ill be fit and active and enjoy kayaking with your friends is a much better reason.

So the first thing we often do in our coaching works out why you are doing it in the first place, find a meaningful reason that drives your purpose and you will not have to rely on willpower.

If you are stuck on this, this is where I can help you work out what really motivates you to get up uot of bed each day.


Once you know why start with a plan

The plan is your long-term goal, broken down into chunks that work for your lifestyle, time, and finances.

The classic time vs money equation

For example, you may have plenty of time, but not alot of money, or be pretty cashed up, but have limited time as you work crazy hours

everyone has constraints, whats important is to identify them and start to plan on how to make use of what you got now, and if necessary start making some changes to set you up for success.

There are Many paths to the top of the mountain

Do a quick search on Amazon for diet books and you'll see over 30,000 books pop up. Heres the thing, for someone, at some point, that diet worked for them. So when you are faced with literally thousands of options where do you start?

Well, this is why I like to use 1st principles, as in exercise, the same applies to nutrition. There are principles that work for humans in nutrition that apply across the board, for example, eating slowly is a practice that works well, that can be used on any diet, or including 5 fruit/vegetables

As your coach, I can help you cut through all the bullshit and guide you to strategies and system that have stood the test of time.

The practice of  Yoga, Tai Chi, Jujitsu, Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Olympic weight Liting, Pilates, bodybuilding, Functional Strength Training is all examples of systems of exercise that can be used as an overarching strategy to get where you want to go.

Pick one

and start your practice.  

All od these programs require diligent practice, over a period of many years, under the guidance of a coach, instructor or teacher. They require effort, and often results will come along slowly, but progressively, and that the key. Find a system that suits your body, your philosophy, and mindset. Seek out classes, instructors or coaches who you feel comfortable with, a connection, and practice!

If you would like a coach who is well versed in both eastern and western approaches and avid bullshit and fluff then maybe you'd like to work with me, if so please feel free to reach out and lets see how we can work with each other.


Move EP 7 values to awesome coaching

With 20 years of coaching experience here are my values which guide my day to day practice

Value #1: Honesty

If you like a no-bullshit approach, and honest opinion, and full transparency as to what we are doing and why then I'm your guy. I love questions, and if you ask me something i don't know ill admit it, and do my best to find you an answer, or refer you to someone who can


Value #2: Respect

we are all on this journey of the human experience, and we all bring something valuable to the table. A mutual respect between us is I believe intrinsic to a successful coaching relationship. Respect is something that is given and earnt in equal measure.


Value #3: Fun

Life is too serious to be taken seriously all the time. Let's enjoy the time we have, do the work with a smile on our face and seek the positive side wherever possible because no one like to hang out with negative party poopers all the time


Value #4: Work Ethic

There's some to be said for a roll the sleeves up and get shit done kinda attitude. That's not to say you need to be busting out 80 hour weeks, but when its time to train, practice, or go to work, then we do that thing as best we can!


Value # 5: Responsibility

I believe we need to take charge of our own health because no one can do it for you. So this means taking some ownership and responsibility for your health and fitness. The reason is fine, let's find solutions, but excuses don't help.


Value #6: Patience

Make slow haste, we are in this for the long term, so be patient, keep showing up, day by day. Be patient with yourself, give yourself a break every now and then, and allow time for growth and change to occur. 


Value #7: Help others

Share your knowledge with others where you can, give back, in your own way. Look beyond the self, we live in a global community, do your bit to contribute, pay it forward.


Value #8: Balance

For me perhaps the most important value is a balance, keeping all things working together, not oo much, not too little, but just the right amount. The Taoist concept of yin and yang speak to me, the natural cycle of nature, and the universe. There is a natural order of things that we can all learn from.



"A wise man stops and thinks where they are going before they begin.".