The Tactics




An action carefully planned to achieve a specific end

The daily habits, practices, exercises and routines

The nuts and bolts of your coaching program

The tactics are all about the what you'll be doing in your actual program, everything from practicing a habit (eat slowly), doing your exercise program (lower back strengthening level 1), self myofascial release and body maintenance (foam rolling and mobility drills), box breathing and meditation, and much more.

Together we will create a program which may include

Daily program - what to do from day to day

Weekly Program - What programs to do each day if we are working on multiple areas, like shoulder mobility, and lower back hinge program

Daily/ weekly /fortnight habits, such as getting up and making your bed each morning, meditating for 15 minutes and walking 20 minutes to work

Its individualized to your needs

I create programs that are specific to your needs, where your body is at, how much time you have to practice and your goals. No one person gets the same program, they may look similar, things I help you with include

WHAT - should I do

This ranges from the best type of exercise to do, how to approach your nutrition and the best way to start a meditation practice.

WHAT-I shouldn't do

I save your time and energy by eliminating stuff you just don't need, will work against your goal, or could downright injure you. Sometimes it what you don't do that's as important as what you do.

HOW to do X, Y, Z

The how is about the technical side, the correct technique, position, posture, alignment, and execution. this is the instructional component of where you learn the skills to actually do the program, like doing a squat with good form, how to prepare a protein smoothie, or how to sit when meditating

FREQUENCY - how often, how many

Should you do your yoga flow program every day, or only on the weekends. Is it OK to do HIIT training before my yoga class, or after?

Frequency is the detail of how much, time, reps, sets, frequency, duration, and rest are all aspects of timing that I coach you through.

The old adage of not too much, not too little, but just enough.

TYPE - of exercise

In my programming, for you, I have an extensive toolkit of exercises, and systems to select from. I am not bound to a single system or type of exercise, but rather blend and integrate what works best for you.

A typical coaching program may include

Yoga Asan for mobility flexibility, concentration, focus and relaxation

Functional Strength training using kettlebells, barbells, dumb bells, bands tubing

Gymnastics strength and mobility training for developing flexibility, core strength, mobility and dynamic movements

Pilates to enhance posture, alignment, breath control

PRI drill to facilitate correct, position, alignment, and muscle activation

Tai Chi and Martial arts Forms and Kata to enhance mind-body awareness

High-Intensity Interval Training to develop a robust cardiovascular system

Cardio endurance to develop long sustained work capacity

Rehab Exercise and Drills to address any injuries, muscle imbalances, and dysfunction.

Nutrition coaching, how to eat healthily, identify inflammatory foods, what supplements to take, and eating for specific goals weight loss /gain, performance, mental clarity, endurance, metabolic flexibility.

How the Program is set up and Online Coaching

I love the digital age, it means i can work with you pretty much anyway there's an internet connection. Heres a list of the online tools I use, and the best thing is, they don't cost you any extra to use.

EMAIL: an effective way to share information, i use email primarily to set up sessions, forward on PDF files and other resources

BECON HEALTH: a state of the art telehealth platform where we can connect over the internet. You can schedule sessions from the simple online booking platfrom

PHYSIAPP: The bulk of coaching happens via this state of the art telehealth platform. Here you'll have your exercise program, which you can access on any mobile device. Each program includes detail follow along instructional videos of specific exercises, including all the information like sets, reps rest periods.

PHYSIAPP ONLINE COACHING CALL: we can connect live, anywhere in the world that has internet connection via PHYSIAPPS inbiult video conference, similar to Skype or Zoom. I am opening up a lot more ONLINE COACHING spots with clients all over the country.

HEALHKIT: is one of the most common practice management systems, and it where I do all our session bookings and payments. You'll receive session appointment confirmations and reminder emails, in addition to using their secure payment gateway.

FACEBOOK: Facebook's Facetime and messenger are great ways t stay connected, either via my MOVEEP page or joining one of our Move Eat Live Coaching groups

Its the little things, the small steps, taken daily that really get you where you want to go.