The Middle path

The 5 Elements

Tap into the wisdom of Chinese Medicine Health sytem used for thousands of years with customised lifestyle programs that cultivate your Energy, Body, Mind and Emotions

The EARTH program

In the 5 elemt system Earth is considered the foundation of Qi, or energy as it is related to digestion and metabolism of food to energy. It has a strong effect on the muscle system so is ideal for those looking to strengthen theier bodies with exercise and diet. Physical exercise is the gateway to all the practices so in this program we focus on functioanl strength, being able to move your body naturally in the ways it is inteneded. 

Functions and relationships of the SPLEEN - EARTH

Governors transformation and transportation - ​transforms food and drink into qi and blood

Controls blood -​ holds blood in their vessels

Raises qi - ​Keeps organs in their correct place

Manifests in the lips - ​moisture, colour, texture etc.

Controls muscles - ​spleen disharmony could lead to muscles weakness

Opens in the mouth - sense of taste

Relates to thought - ​influences studying, focusing, memorizing and concentration

The EARTH program is Good For

Physical Fitness, Posture, Performance, Increasing Energy, Digestion and the ability to think and do Deep Work

The METAL Program

Metal is particualry related to breathing the lungs, respiration, and the flow of energy through the connective tissue or Fascia. The metal program focuses on developing a breathing practice that biulds up the Qi and nourishes the fascia with yoga and Qigong based exercise. you will learn correct breathing mechanics, and how to optimise Oxygen use which energises your entire system.

Functions and relationships of the LUNG

Governs Qi and respiration - inhalation and exhalation of air and qi. Helps create Qi (Zhong qi)

Descends and disperse Qi - ​Spread defensive qi (wei qi) between the skin and muscles to protect the body. Descends qi to the kidneys

Regulates water passages​ - ​Disperses fluids to the skin and direct fluids downward

Manifests in the skin and hair - ​Moisture, lustre etc.

Controls the channels and vessels - circulation of Qi and blood in the vessels and meridians

Open into the nose - ​sense of smell, blocked, running etc

Relates to the emotion of sadness and grief when out of balance. When in balance promotes contentment, and satisfaction


The Metal Progam is good For

Mobility, Flexibility, Connectivity, Breathing and the ability to be adpatable. Qi circulation and respiration conditions such as Asthma, and COPD

The WATER Program

The water element relates to the health of your nervous system, mental power, memory and internal drive or willpower. The water progam focuses on developing your kidney energy, linked to your adrenals and is very Yin, or gentle in nature where you will incperate breath and meditation practices. Additioanly the water program will strengthen your back is excleent for knee health, being the two key areas that Kidney Qi nourishes.

Functions and relationships of the KIDNEYS

Govern growth, development, birth and reproduction - Produces marrow, essence produces marrow, which makes spinal cord and fills the brain. Governs bones. Marrow is the basis for bone and bone marrow.

Stores essence (Jing) - pre heaven and post heaven Qi

Receives Qi from the lungs - hold Qi down to prevent congestion in the chest

Manifests in the hair - growth, health, shine. 

Control water - the flow of body fluids in the lower burner. Controls the lower orifices: anus, urethra, genitals

Opens into the ears - hearing

Relates to the emotion of Fear  when out of balance - house of will power, promotes courage when healthy



Strong healthy bones, ligaments and fascia. the ability to concentrate and focus deeply, and do cerebral work. Healthy back and knees. Improve memory, cogntive function and concentration.

The WOOD Program

Wood is the element of rest and recovery, and represents the Liver organ, which has major roles in cleaning, filtering blood and detoxification of the your system. In this program, we focus on regulating the stress response, how to balance the sypmpathetic / parasympathetic nervous systems. Additionally, we work on getting good quality sleep, where the body heals and regenerates itself.

Functions and relationships of the LIVER

Stores Blood - ​regulates blood volume and menstruation. Blood flows back to the liver when at rest

Regulates the flow of Qi - ensures Qi flows smoothly throughout the whole body in all directions

Manifests in the nails - color, moisture, tects, ridges, cracks etc.

Controls the sinews -disharmony of the liver could lead to cramp, spasm, tremors, contracted muscles, tendonitis, bursitis

Opens in the eyes - vision, visual disturbances, colour

Relates to emotion of Anger when out of balance. When in balance creates a strong sense of appreciation and self respect

The WOOD Porgram is Good For

Sleep, stress, recovery and growth, eating correctly with the ability to work well under pressure whilst remaining calm. Strong tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. Calming down, unwinding.

The FIRE Program

The Fire element relates to the Heart orgran, so we focus primarily on Cardio vascualr health and fitness, shown to be the best predictor of Longevity. Heart health is intricately linked to the fight or flight system, the abiliy to turn up, or dial down your state of arousal, which further links your heart to your state. State is your mental and emotioanl status, and in Chinese Medicine this is know as your Shen, or spirit. One of the ultimate goals in the chinese health system is to cultivate ones Shen. In this program we introduce mindfulness, into speciifc Yoga nd Qiging postures to cultivate your Heart - Mind connection.

Functions and relationships of the HEART

Governs Blood and Blood vessels - ​regulates the flow of blood

Houses the Mind - ​mental activity, emotions, memory, consciousness, thinking, sleep

Manifests in the complexion - ​The energetic state of the heart shows in the colour of the complexion

Controls sweat - ​If the heart Qi is deficient it can lead to spontaneous sweating

Relates to the emotion of Joy, when in disharmony tends toward Anxiety and depression

The Heart Program is Good For

Heart and cardiovascular system. Aerobic /Anaerobic fitness and capacity to work, endurance and stamina. inner happiness and passion. Sleep, and contentment. Hypertension and cardiovascualr conditions.

Learn the complete 5 Element system

This is a integraetd program including Qigong, Yoga, Functional Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Breathe Work, and much more.

Steeped in the wisdon of the Tradiotnal Chinese medicine 5 Elements this complete program is desigend to help you create your own balanced personal practice that respects each of the five key areas of health, fitness and longevity.


Marry the past and present, and give birth to the future.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with Modern Exercise Science is a beautiful way to incorporate the wisdom of the past with the knoweldge of the present.  The 5 element system is all about creating dynamic balance in your life, physcially, energetically, mentally and emotionally

The midle path  is the way of balance, to understand yourself so that you can live well. I belive in the fast paced modern world people eaily get caught up in the day to day grind of existing, and forget to look after themselves. Technology keeps us distracted, and we forget how to reulate our nervous system because we are constantly on all the time. The 5 elements is a health system thousands of years old and can provide a framework to help people regain balance in their lives through daily exercise, energy development, breath work, meditation and healthy eating.

Andrew Dowler - Exercise Physiologst and Acupuncturist


Andrew Dowler

Exercise Physiologist & Acupuncturist


Mobile: 0419 874 682

Studio: 42 Wattlebird Way, Malua Bay 2536

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