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This Weeks Interval Challenge: Burpee Pyramid

Who Doesn’t Love A Burpee?

Especially when there are multiple BURPEES!
A Burpee Pyramid.

This weeks intervals would be a perfect finisher to a workout.

Three rounds, starting with 4, then 8, then 16!
You will notice we are jumping back to the side. We call these lateral BURPEES, they will load up through your obliques more!

Make sure when you jump back the weight is directly over your hands! Your wrist, elbow and shoulder should all line up. When you jump back make sure you are bracing through your core. This will protect your lower back.

When we jump up we jump on to the step! Always make sure your whole foot is landing on the step and your are bending your knees!

We finish with around 16 jumps on and off the step. I may have missed one??

Have a try. Let me know how you go.
And most of all……….



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